Monday, August 31, 2015

To the Ward

Hola barrio, or ward!!! I´m still in the MTC right now, but I´ll be leaving a week from Monday for Toronto. Although I´ve only been out about a month, I´ve learned SO MUCH!!!! One of the most important things I´ve learned is how special every person is and how much light they can have in their life. We´ve taught some investigators here and one of them was this big bald man with pierced ears and a background of poverty and violence, and we´ve come to love him SO MUCH!! The light that we´ve seen in his personality and life is incredible. I´ve learned that no matter where we come from, or what we´ve been though, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us. Everyone has been through trials. Just remember that NO ONE IS ALONE!!!! I hope you all believe that. I also hope that you see that in other people and help spread the light of Christ to everyone you meet. And if you haven´t been spreading the light of Christ, I invite you to DO IT!!!! Being able to spread the light and love of Christ is phenomenal!!!! I love you all and would love to hear from all of you!!! Ciao!!! 

Hey fam!!!! Thank you much for the Pexpress!!!!!

Hey fam!!!! Thank you much for the Pexpress!!!!! It was fantastic.  I’m flattered that you'd compare my voice to the singers on the radio Mom ;) But my District honestly sings more than I do. I really wanted the music because, as a missionary, you tend to forget all the lyrics and melodies for your favorite songs. It's TERRIBLE!!!! But if you don't want to send/email me any, that's fine. hey...logan. you there??? remember that mission I assigned you a few emails ago?? find it and accomplish it. PLEASE!!!! sshh. but don't let Mom know. incognito. maybe through a different email. all I need is lyrics and the letters for the chords. i need that music!!!!! but sshh, keep it a secret. AHEM, so family. Tell me how the garage sale goes. NO! Don't sell my cooler!!!! Unless you want to buy me a bigger one. Then I'm super down. ;) Did you all know that Abigail got her call. New Mexico, Farmington. So that's pretty neat. SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!! I'M SO PUMPED!!! I mean I love it here, the foods so good (ha) and my companions never annoy me (also, ha) and rooming with a bunch of guys who toot and snort and hack up loogies 24/7 is really the best (that's really not even funny). But yes, so my flights at 8:30 and I have to wake up at 4:30 to get there. Awesome!!! I have a layover in Minneapolis from about 12 to 1 o'clock. I guess that's when I should be able to call you. I'll double check on that though. I guess I'll just use a pay phone. I'm not sure if that's what Charlie and Skyler did, but alright.
So this week went by pretty quickly. I have been studying French and we got a new District and there's a French Elder, from France, in it. So he's been helping me out a ton!! It's actually pretty easy if you know Spanish. You guys should look into it (Dad, Charlie, Logan, Sophie, wait what??) But don't worry, I'm also studying Spanish like crazy!!!! I feel super prepared to go out in the field, but I'm just going to perfect it this week before I go out :)
So yesterday, we had our last TRC (or real investigator) lesson. We finished teaching this man named Elias, who is SO COOL!!! His whole family is LDS (his parents and his own family) so it was easy to invite him to church last Sunday. And he LOVED it there!!!! Which was great. Yesterday we invited him to be baptized and he said he wants to once he receives a confirmation in his heart. So that went really well. Then we had to say goodbye which was SO SAD!!! It's incredible how close you can get to someone in such short time. He's such a great guy. It's incredible that we are able to feel the same love God has for all is children. God really does care about EVERYBODY!!!! Here we are teaching this big Dominican, who came from a violent past, ears pierced, bald, bearded, rough looking guy and all I feel is such love for him and such a desire for him to come to the Gospel. And I know that God's love for him is that times a thousand. It's incredible how much God loves his children, and how often people tend to forget that. So remember, GOD LOVES EVERYBODY SO MUCH!!!!! Even when you makes mistakes, or when you feel alone. Remember, you are never alone. I love you all so much, and hope you're having a great time. Bye!!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ammon's MTC District

hi family. it's pretty fun here, life's good.

hi family. it's pretty fun here, life's good. Bye. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! The rule about the music is that there's honestly no rule. I obviously can't use the music to play on a guitar :'( and I'm not sure they want me playing on the piano, but there's no rule against just having it (and I wouldn't mind some chord progressions to memorize and lyrics, even though I can't play the music I can still sing it) (except in the showers, I and my District got in trouble for singing in the shower last week :) Honestly though, my district sings ALL THE TIME!!! It's awesome. And I am a big reason for that. School sounds fun for everyone (that rhymed). Tell me who your teachers are Logan, and suck up to them big time because honestly, teachers become some of your best friends in High School, and it'll get you good grades. ;) SO JEALOUS you guys get to go see Beauty and the Beast. You'll have to tell me all about it. Choir fund raise sounds fun. Make lots of money!!!
So last week was a roller coaster for me. I had high highs and really low lows. So we had a district in our zone that was at their halfway mark when our district got here. And last Monday/Tuesday they all left. It was really upsetting because our two districts were very close and I got to know some of them really well. I still have a hard time sometimes when we pass by their old room and what not. I honestly went through a lot of the same pain I had when I left for the MTC. Ironic right. But I realized something. I realized that, for the most part, you don't get upset about leaving where you live because of the house, or because of the buildings, or because of the location, I couldn't care less about leaving where I lived. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE!!! Some people might, but for me, I don't form bonds with my bed or my living quarters or my guitar (just kidding on that last one). I form bonds with all the incredible people. That's why I have a hard time, and will continue to have a hard time leaving those I love. But it makes me realize that I need to love those that I can in the moment. It takes time, but it's worth it.
Now the good stuff. So we after saying goodbye to Raul last Thursday, we got another investigator. His name is Elias and he is SO COOL!!!! He's from the Dominican Republic so his skin is very dark and he's a real investigator (which I am so glad because I know some of the other guys don't get real investigators for TRC). His wife and whole family are LDS so we thought it was going to be really easy to convert him. Not so much. He came from a rough childhood involved with lots of violence and he has a really hard time praying, and a harder time believing that God answers his prayers. Last Thruday companions a I were planning on giving him the First Lesson, but we ended up talking about prayer and the Holy Ghost for about half and hour. One thing that really struck me is when he asked me How I knew the Book of Mormon was true. I had to really think about it because I know I read it when I was about fourteen and prayed about it, and I thought it was true then. But I realized, and I told Elias that I really found truth in the Book not from just reading it cover to cover and praying about it, but finding little verses in it that have helped me and blessed my life so much. Little stories or quotes that made me look at life in a whole different perspective. And I KNOW that those parts CAN NOT BE FALSE!!! I realized that sometimes a testimony doesn't come from a big event, it comes from everyday little things that sometimes you don't realize bless your life SO MUCH. Later on in the lesson, we talked more about how he might feel the Holy Ghost and it went really well. Everything else is going great. Foods decent (sometimes) My district's a party. The language is pretty easy (I may or may not be studying French also 8). Played Basketball like all day today. Getting excited for Toronto. Love you all. Bye!!!!

HEY!!!! I totally forgot something HUGE that happened last Friday. So I went to the ER...
Don't worry, it's no big deal, I just have Heart Disease. Just kidding!!!! That's not funny. >:( So, my companion Elder Bahr, was feeling sick (probably just a cold), so we went to the front desk later Friday night and asked if there was a doctor on call (because it was about 9 at night). They called the doctor and he told them to send us to the ER. Elder Hunt and I were like "WHAT??" it's probably just a cold. But we went anyway. It was SO COOL!!!! I didn't realize how sheltered I was at the MTC, but seeing the outside world after a couple weeks was weird. We passed by a Pexpress and I almost cried. :'( So we ended up staying at the ER for about 3 hours. I actually saw one of my friends from school there which was really weird, because I was like "I'M A MISSIONARY!!!" and he was like "Wassup bro" and I was like "I'M A MISSIONARY!!!" It was weird. Okay, only like half of that was true. The second half. ;) But the doctor said it was only a virus, (which I think I caught too, and I'm fine) and we got home like two hours after curfew, so that was awesome. HA! Even the MTC cant' put a curfew on me. They feel your pains Mom and Dad. :) Everything's fine now though. It was blown WAY out of proportion. But it was an awesome adventure and experience. Love you all!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hola familia y otros!!!!!!

Hola familia y otros!!!!!!
I did receive the package, I think this Wednesday, and it was fantastic...but I must say. You have competition. My companion, Elder Hunt's, mom AND girlfriend sent me a package too. Why??? I haven't the slightest clue. I think he told them about us and how we always give him heat because he gets like a package a day. So, you might need to step up your game. ;) I'm not sure sending food is the best idea anymore because between me and my District, I think we have food that could last us a few weeks. At the moment, I can't think of too many things I want. Hostess is always good. Someone Elder Hunt's mom got him Cafe Rio. If you could get me Panda Express that would be heavenly. But if not...that's alright. If you wanted to send me guitar tabs, even though I don't have a guitar, that would actually be awesome. That's a mission I'm assigning you Logan (, find me all the songs from Abbey Road ;) But for reals, that'd be great, because I sing those songs every day and I can't remember the lyrics or melodies. I'm having musical withdrawals because I play the piano like twice a week (when I can) and other than that, the only musical relief I get is through singing. I realized that my addiction to music is worse than I thought. :) Speaking of music, good luck Logan with all my old piano jobs. Especially now that you've injured your finger, ouch. Wait until school starts, Bills will try to recruit you. Buneas suerte!!!
I'm glad most of you had fun boating and at Grandma's. Super jealous about KFC and Crown Burger. Also that sounds way fun having Ashton over. I'm glad you're all figuring that out with rooming and everything (in and out of the home). You should tell me how much I make at the garage sale because that'd be nice to know. Also, why don't you guys do it down by the Nebo School District office. I swear the whole world has garage sells down there. Just an idea. More classes for Mom. Good luck with that everyone. Oh, and you too Mom. Jajajajaja. I actually heard about the mud slide today. I was doing sealings at the temple this morning and the sealer asked me where I was from. I told him Woodland Hills and he said "Oh, I heard on the news yesterday that they got super flooded and a bunch of people evacuated their house," and I was like "OH NO" and I ran out of the temple and tried to run home, but then my companions tackled me into the asphalt. Kidding, only the first part of that story is true. That's crazy though. I'm glad you guys didn't get buried in the mud. All the sports sound fun too. Are you playing on the line or as a linebacker Micah?? Either way, good work on the sacks. How'd you like Avengers?? Also, I hope the pool party was fun Sophie. I've seen you do that back walkover and you're fantastic. I did the splits today twice in the sand, and I got all the way down. It was awesome. And I wish I could kiss you too Savannah. Just kidding. ;) I hope you get to start preschool too. It's a blast.
So this last week has gone by very fast. I saw Amaya's cousin Hailey, who came in last Wednesday, and we've talked a little bit. I also met another Sister who's going to Toronto, Spanish speaking, so that's cool. We've studied a lot which I enjoy because I'm able to learn the Spanish I need, rather that all the easy stuff we learn in class. We taught this man named Raul twice this last week. He's an incredible man!!! We learned that he is a real investigator, and last Monday we invited him to be baptized. He said that he enjoys the teachings of the church and wants it to be true in his heart, but he wants proof of the truth. So we've been praying for him a lot. Yesterday we taught him again and it was very interesting. I was having a really rough day yesterday, just because I wasn't feeling great and I was in a really grumpy mood with some of the Elders in my District. When we went in and started teaching Raul, I was quite helpless. I couldn't form my sentences and I completely forgot about what we were going to teach him (which is really bad because not only am I the Senior Companion, I understand and speak Spanish the best out of us three). Eventually one of my companions took over the lesson and I just sat there praying for help from the Spirit. When I started speaking again, everything just started working out. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I understood almost everything he said, and we were able to teach him about the afterlife and living with our families for eternity. I started crying a few times during the lesson. Afterwards, I invited him again to be baptized and to talk with the missionaries in his own ward. He said he's going to church next week, so we're all keeping him in our prayers. I learned that night that when you ask, the Spirit will help you with everything. It really is incredible. After the lesson, Raul gave an incredible prayer and we all hugged him and said goodbye for the last time. It was very bittersweet. Heavenly Father cares about all his children and sends the Holy Ghost to help them in their time of need. The gospel is true and an incredible blessing in everybody's lives. I love you guys so much and hope that everything is awesome!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ammon's First Week!

Hey everyone!!!!!
So the first week here had it's ups and downs. The first couple days were hard for me because everything was so different. But after day two, things really picked up and I'm loving it here now. The food is great, minus the fact that the consequences of eating are intense. I'm pretty sure they're right when they say the food has laxatives in it (Everyone here says don't drink the Orange Juice, but I can attest that all the food here has the same effects). I did go to the temple today and I ate at the Cafeteria which was fantastic. I also tried Cookies and Creme BYU Creamery Milk for the first time, which was glorious. Last Tuesday night, President Russel M Nelson came and gave a devotional, which was crazy cool. I sang in the choir and it was broadcast to all the other MTCs. He and his wife gave great talks and they both were so funny. Also, we started teaching our first real investigator, because we had one for class and we almost got him to be baptized, but he was fake :} Our first real investigator is named Raul, he's super nice and is an incredible father (he has three daughters that he's always talking about). Yesterday was our second time teaching him. and me and my companions gave the whole first lesson. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!! I quoted the first vision in Spanish and almost started to cry. The Spirit was SO STRONG in that room. At the end of the lesson, he gave a prayer and asked God to know if El Libro de Mormon and what we taught him were true (because he's been reading El Libro de Mormon quite a bit). It was so powerful. Other than that, I've been playing a lot of Sand Volleyball. We almost always travel as a District because we have nine boys in our District, so we're super close. We honestly all consider ourselves each others' companions because we all get along so well. It's phenomenal. Also, whenever we sing Hymns, we almost always split into four part harmonies (I sing Alto :)
So, I want to get a Musical Number together for us to perform. So Mom, you asked about what more I could use in the package?? If you could find a good Hymn arrangement for guys, that could be great. Also, if you could fit my Green Crocks in there, that would be fantastic. Other then that, um...laundry detergent could be nice, I always love Hostess stuff. Cosmic Brownies. Panda Express. Shrimp. Lobster. SUSHI!!! You know, the works. ;) Also, I do want to keep my guitar tabs (or if you wanted to send me them, that'd be awesome to.) The scripts can go, but I would like the chess set, puzzle, and stuffed animals??...yeah, I want them. I'm glad Yellowstone was fun. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! What are you now 30?? Something like that. I'm glad you're birthday was great. The church should have let you call me. Sheesh, rude. Sorry about your week Logan—driver’s ed. At least, you get SeƱor Macdon. He´s the BEST!!! Also, there´s pretty much no possible way to fail that test. I know guys who slept through that whole class and "passed" that test. Football camp sounds awesome Micah. Also heads up, if you want to use the hashtag, you don't put spaces in between the words. #ElderFlinthassttillgotswag
Jacob and Erik are looking great Dad. I saw Erik today and he's as Ginger as ever. And Jake's trying to get a pic of me and him, so hopefully we'll get that done soon (or in the next five weeks :) And thank you for informing me about all the details of your DQ trip. I'm so very glad to know they're donating money to the Children's Hospital. ;) Honestly, the Spanish here didn't throw me off one bit, I understand about 90% of what the investigators are saying and 98% percent of what my teacher says. Also, speaking it isn't much a problem for me. We had a English Fast yesterday, which really wasn't that bad. Except after 7 o'clock we all just gave up. Time schedule isn't that bad at all. Waking up surprisingly hasn't been that much a struggle for me, which is definitely a tender mercy.
One thing I've learned this week, through a talk I listened to by Elder Bednar, is that we really are representatives of Heavenly Father. We are doing his main purpose "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I've learned that when we enter the homes of investigators or just see people on the street, we need to have the Character of Christ about us. We need to love everyone we meet, and judge no one. People aren't going to accept us if they don't feel the love that we bring them. (And we as missionaries won't have a desire to teach these people and bring them closer to Christ if we don't have a love for them). While teaching Raul, I really felt a strong love for him, and I hope that he sensed that love because as awesome as the lessons are, the investigators are not going to want to come closer to Christ if they don't feel the love. And the Spirit. I really saw the role of the Spirit while teaching Raul. The Spirit very strongly testified to me, and I know that he was testifying to Raul. It's an incredible thing, this Gospel, and I can say that I know it's true for I've seen evidence of it through teaching it to others. I love you all and hope to hear more about what's going on!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First P-DAY!!!

Hey fam (and any others reading this message).  P-Days are Fridays for me, at the moment. Well, if you read my last email you should know that I'm in a trio with Elder Hunt & Elder Bahr (who's also going to Toronto). I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of things here. I've had my ups and downs but they say the first week's the worst and it hasn't been that bad at all so...Sweet. I saw Jake and Erik, which was a fantastic renunion. Also, in addition to Jorge (the man we're giving lesson one to on Tuesday), we have to teach an investigator for our class named Alberto, tomorrow, and I'm pumped for that.
I spoke about it a little bit in my talk, but being here, I've really realized that the mission really is not for my benefit, it's for the investigators. Now I know that people say "they were their biggest investigator" and all that jazz, but I don't find much joy thinking about myself. The most joy and excitement I've felt is when I start thinking about our investigators here at the MTC and all the people in Toronto that are just waiting for me to come bring the Spirit to their lives. The light of Christ is really an incredible tool and I feel so sorry for the people that don't realize it blesses them everyday or don't recognize it for what it is. I can't wait to meet these wonderful people!!!
So what's going on back home?? Is Yellowstone fun?? Oh and tell Charlie that his Ab Ripper X worked...really well...I hate him. Also, Mom, when you bought my short sleeve shirts did you bag them with the salmon?? because now my closet smells like salmon...really bad. Also father?? My companion Elder Hunt's father served in Bogota Colombia and now he's 48, I believe, so maybe you knew him. Who knows?? Would love to hear from you guys. Love you all. Bye!!!!

1st Day at MTC

Hey fam. First day's almost over and it's been nuts. I was at first put with Elder Bahr, who's also serving in Toronto, Canada and he's a funny guy. I feel like he makes everyone feel awkward except me because he says strange things and I'm like, "alright." He's also really into Fantasy battle books, so there's a fair idea of him. Then we had a third companion put with us, Elder Hunt. He's going to Trinidad and Tobago and he was told yesterday that he is speaking Spanish, so he doesn't know the language much at all, but he's super awesome and way easy to talk to. Speaking of the language, I'm surprised how easy it's coming to me, I honestly think I understand it the best in my District. I said a prayer at the end of my last meeting in Spanish, and I botched it. Ha. It was pretty terrifying. Also today, all the newbies were encouraged to set up a meeting with investigators that were visiting for the evening (very vaguely). So we did, for next Tuesday. It was super unexpected, but I'm super excited. His name is Jorge and he wants to speak with us only in Spanish. His son (who's Japanese) was visiting for an activity and we were going to schedule an appointment with him and he said to schedule one with his dad. First Investigator in the MTC. NAILED IT!!! Hope Yellowstone is fun. Love you all.