Sunday, July 31, 2016


                                         Us after the Rib Fest
                                         Me Crying while eating the Death Sauce
                                         Me at the Dock
                                      Elder Leyton and I, before he pushed me in. ;)

Happy Belated Pioneer Day!!!!

Happy Belated Pioneer Day!!!!
Although they don't celebrate it here, one lady in church brought it up and complained that we don't really celebrate it here. Yeah Mormons. For my Pioneer Day, I memorized all FOUR verses of the Star-Spangled Banner. Yep, I said Four. They took out the third verse in the new hymn books, but we have a super old one in our apartment that has it. It's a SUPER intense verse. I don't know why we took it out...well I have some ideas. But I commit you all to read it!! Will you read the mystery verse of the Star Spangled Banner?? YES!! Good.
Yeah, in my District, we've been celebrating Jolly July, to put us in the Christmas Spirit in this scorching weather. So every meeting we have, I make some Christmas Sweets that we'd always make back home. So last Wednesday (District Meeting), I made Oreo Bon-Bons. Good stuff. This Wednesday, I'm going to make Almond Roca and our District is going to take a Jolly July Christmas Picture and go caroling to the other District (that meets in the same building). I'm PUMPED!!!!
Man!! Nurses and women just always get the best seats. I'm not even kidding, when we're tired or have a bunch of people to call, us missionaries go into the Mother Lounges at church (when no on is there of course) and sit in those chairs. SO COMFY!!!!! Don't tell my mission president. WHAT?!?! I've been out for almost a year now?? I haven't been counting at all (oh, by the way, it's a year in four days ;) Yeah, it's gone by SUPER fast. I'm pumped for the next year though. The adventures that await me.
Fun stuff with the Hedgehogs. You know what you should do is sell all of them except a male baby and a female baby, and use those two to breed. Yeah, I know, incest is not legal in Utah or approved by the church, but Adam and Eves' kids did it!!
LOGAN!!! I've bought my ticket. I'm coming home early. And I'm going to smack so much sense in you that I'll never have to tell you to go on a date again. You know, you're Summers going to suck real bad if you don't take girls on dates or even make the effort. Fact. How was your talk by the by?? What was it on?? Did you expound any deep doctrine?? Like how Jesus had to have been married while on the Earth?? Good stuff.
Micah! You know I'm all about that Pokemon Go!! You hear about those two Canadians that got arrested for crossing onto US soil because they were playing Pokemon Go?? Yeah, that was me and my companion. ;) Good work on your tennis tournament. Keep killing it!!
My week has been pretty nutz-o. Last Monday, we went to the Downtown with another set of missionaries. We ended up going to Smoke's Burritorie, because one of the other Elders hadn't had smokes yet and I wanted to try a Smoke's Burrito.  So when we got to the restaurant. I saw a glass case behind the counter with a small container full of a dark liquid and a sign saying "DEATH SAUCE CHALLENGE!!!" I accepted the challenge. The challenge was that, first, you had to sign a waiver saying you understood all the risks, health violations, that I'm not pregnant, blah blah blah; then, they put 3 DROPS of the sauce on my burrito (this sauce was made from Ghost Peppers); and if I finished it, I got my picture on Facebook and my name put in to win a gift card (pretty lame right??). So I upped the challenge and had the worker put two other hot sauces on it AND jalapeno peppers. Needless to say, I didn't finish it. BOO I know. I got about halfway through the burrito (and yes, it was HOT!!! but, not the hottest thing I've had). My true downfall was that I got the biggest type of burrito they had. If I had gotten a smaller one, I could have pounded it and finished it...maybe. What really hurt was my chest and I get enough heart burn as is!! After the Burritorie, we took the Greenies to the CN Tower (not up it) and then to the dock, where we all stood at the edge of the dock, looking into the water, daring each other to jump in. Then guess what happened. My Dear Beloved Peruvian Friend Elder Leyton PUSHED ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTZ-O RIGHT?!?!?! Do you know what would be even more nutz??
If it actually happened. Gothca!!! All you who fell for that, hang your head in shame. ;) I don't blame ya'. I mean look how many exclamation marks I put.
The rest of this week was less eventful. Taught some people. Went on exchanges with Elder Stephens, a newbie that just came in from Texas. He's a Stud!! His Spanish is already super good and he sang in the BYU Men's Chorus for a year before coming out. So we had some fun, and I cut his hair. I also was able to go on exchanges with Elder Flake, my old follow-up trainer. That was also a blast. He's a stellar guy, but sadly I probably won't serve with him again because he's going home in a few months.
Speaking of a few months (or weeks). We got news this last week that M. Russell Ballard is coming to the mission!! Sweet Stuff!!! I've been studying a lot of his talks lately. I've decided that my purpose in his visit is to swap ties with him. I mean, who doesn't want a tie from a Prophet?? Stupid people. I let you know how what goes. Hopefully better than the death sauce challenge. ;)
Speaking over M. Russell Ballard. I'm going to echo his talk that he gave last General Conference and commit you all to doing Family Councils. I remember a few back with my family, for special circumstances, but the most experience I've gotten from them is from doing Companionship Inventory on my mission. Every week, we talk about our plans and how we can get along better and make our companionship stronger. Then we compliment each other and give suggestions on how we can better ourselves. It really makes all the differences, especially if we speak openly and honestly. And just think about, if it makes so much a difference for two men that know they're not going to be together for very much longer, how much a difference would it make for a couple or family that know they'll be together for Eternity?? So...will you hold Family Councils?? YES!!!! Good. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dear Family,
Hey Hey!! I got the Package!!! SUPER SWEET!! I think everything got here (Camera Cord, Cufflinks, Guitar Picks, Chocolate). Hopefully the Camera Cord fixes the camera. I'll let you know soon. The Cufflinks are SO SWEET!!! I love them. And I kept telling everyone that my family sent me 10 guitar picks and they all said "You don't need that many. Why did they send so many??" And I said "Because they love me." :} The chocolate was super good too. I'm sorry to hear about the gecko. Bringing yet another strange animal into the family. Go figure. That's super fun, Mom, that you get to work with a lot of Spanish people. I hope you never have to sand anyone's feet and then they pee on the hospital floor. No one should have to go through that. You should learn Spanish though, Mom. Then all the boys in the family won't be able to speak secretly back your back (or right in front of you). It's not that hard, you could get it down.
Oh Boy!! Oh Boy!! Daddy's got a new Toy!! Put that Candy Crush away and pick up a different kind of electronic. That's fun. Are the new neighbors LDS?? If not, go do some work and get them baptized!! That's what it's all about. I'm glad Exodus was fun Logan. Super funny about the allusion to 3 Nephi 10 and Isaiah. I was reading Isaiah today and it said that those that have the Gift of Prophesy can understand his words very well. I don't have too much a problem understanding Isaiah. I guess that confirms that I have the gift of prophesy. Who asked you on a date?? How'd they do it?? Since you utterly rejected her you need to make it up and take HER on a date. ;) NOW!!!!!
I hope tennis has been fun Micah. Have fun at Lake Corda Lane. I don't know how to spell it either.
This week has been pretty Jolly. As in Jolly July!! One thing that we've started this month in our District is doing lots of Christmas things to celebrate Jolly July. It's been great. Last Tuesday we had "Skills and Interviews" which is when the whole Zone comes together to be instructed and have interviews with the mission president. I decided to make my District some Christmas Treats of Coconut Bon-bons (just like my momma made them). But then it ended up me making a ton for the whole Zone and the Leaders. Go figure. Everyone really liked them except for the people that previously didn't like Coconut. We've also made some secret Santa cookie drop-offs on missionaries cars and what not. I don't think they expected us because, c'mon, Secret Santa could be Anybody. ;) Interviews with President Shields was a lot of fun. He's a super fun guy and we talked about how he was in the same Ward as Richard Elliot, the organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and how he would listen to him play all the time. Incredible!!
Last Friday, my companion and I went down to Lakeshore (the area/street by the shore of the lake ;) and found like the ONLY gelato place in all of Missisauga. I Love Gelato!! I proudly have a sad confession to make. I've eaten Ice Cream and/or Gelato everyday this last week. I may not be proud of it, but I proudly own it. I decided I have 6 more months of eating whatever I want (because you don't need to look attractive in anyway as a missionary) then the next 6 months will be burnin' it all off. Da' Cleanse!!
Other than that, this week we have been working with lots of people. Finding new people to teach. We have SO many people ready to be baptized as soon as possible, they just need to understand that, or get over their little problems. AH!! As long as they get baptized and receive salvation in the long run, I'm happy.
This week I have been focusing a lot on having charity for others. Like everyone does, I find it very easy to have charity and love for lots of people, but there are always those few people that you Really struggle finding love for. I read a talk, given to me by a missionary, that talked about how when we start focusing on the negative things about people (which is very easy to do), we need to stop ourselves and list of the positive things that we see in these people. It's something surprisingly easy to do. It just takes the will to do it. Dale G. Renlund gave a great talk about seeing "Through God's Eyes." Once we start seeing people like God sees them, we will truly have love and charity for them. I love you all and have charity for you all. ;) I hope you have a wonderful week. Chao!!

Elder Flint
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm Woody. Howdy Howdy Howdy.

I'm Woody. Howdy Howdy Howdy.
Just kidding. I'm Elder Flint. Sorry to disappoint you all. ;)
I'm glad Oregon was a Blast. Woot woot!! New drone. Don't let Micah fly it in the snow. That would be a bad idea. Sounds like life's pickin' up and slowin' down back in Utah. I hope that tennis camp and ice skating a Trek are all fun. Hey Logan! You should take a date to Trek!!! Or go on a date!! Or like Girls!!! You're killin' me!!! Good luck with the 3 more day shifts Mom. Shoo are almost there!!
I hope I get the package too. I'll know by tomorrow. Yes, the Canadian Post is on strike all over Canada. So stupid. Also, in Mississauga, all the Librarians went on strike, which is obnoxious because we usually email in the library (right now I'm at a Family History Center). Canadians and their strikes. Thanks for inconveniencing the rest of us!!! Yes, it is still pretty hot here. We get a lot of rain though, which is nice. It's all very humid, which kind of stinks when you wake up sweating (and we live in the basement of a basement).
Other than the sweltering weather, this week was pretty good. Lots of Colombian stuff. The works.
Last Tuesday was transfers, so we had a sleepover at our place with another companionship, had a hair cutting party, then chauffeured them up to Brampton (where the temple is) the next morning. It was a lot of fun. I'm still District Leader, Trainer, and Building Manager (:P too much responsibility). I did get a lot of new faces in the District though. I'm super pumped because there's a lot of diversity in it and great missionaries.
Last Friday, we decided to go back to this great Colombian Restaurant (La Colombia Mia) because there's supposed to be dancing on Friday nights (not that we can dance). But we came and I talked to the owner and he told me that the dancing usually starts around 9:30-10:00 PM (our curfew :| . Darn Hispanics. Always starting the party super late. But, while there, we started talking to a Hispanic man who said he had met with missionaries in the past and they really helped him. We gave him a card and he told us that his family is coming from El Salvador (I think) and he's going to call us so we can meet with them. SUPER COOL!!!! Hopefully he actually calls, but nonetheless, I love going to Hispanic Restaurants to do Missionary Work. It's the Best. We've also met a lot of other people at that restaurant and have made friendships. Missionary Work is just so Fun!! It really is the best.
Other than that, none of our investigators came to church. Super bummer. But we'll keep workin' them towards baptism and gettin' them to repent. Hopefully we'll see some good this week.
But to end on a less sour note, we saw this HUGE miracle last Saturday. So we were at the church, getting ready for English Classes when these two really old people (and their Granddaughter) walk in. They're from Hungary and they didn't know a lick of English. So we sent them into the English Classes and then we decided to see if there was any Hungarian material in our church library (yeah right). Being an English Ward with lots of Mandarin and Spanish people, we didn't have much hope, BUT!! by the grace of heaven, I pulled out a thin book with a strange language on it, opened it up, and read "Selections from the Book of Mormon in HUNGARIAN!!!!" It Was NUTS!!!!! So we took them on a tour of the chapel, which they understood basically nothing (except what the Granddaughter translated) and then we whipped out the Book. Their faces LIT UP!!!! They were flipping through the book, speaking gibberish (I mean Hungarian) and smiling so widely. We committed them to read and pray about it, then they said they'd come to church that Sunday!!!! they didn't. BUT!! We will see them in the future and it was such a miracle. I have NO doubt in my mind that the Lord placed that book there. I mean, why else would it be there. We have no Hungarians in our ward or even in Mississauga (other than those two ;). The Lord prepares the way for his children to come unto the Gospel. Fact!! I love you all and hope you see the Lord's hand in your life this week. Chao!!!


As I sit here next to my American Flag on the 4th of July, I can't help but thinking how wonderful it is to be an American!!! Don't matter who our President is. I'm a 'MERICAN!!!! ;) Although, Poutine, Nanimo Bars, and Real Maple Syrup is quite nice. So actually SIKE, not a Zone Leader...yet. They're keeping me here in Mississauga to finish training this Greenie. I'm super excited because all the baptisms we were supposed to have these last few transfers, WILL be happening this transfer. So I'll get to be here for all of that. THEN they'll make me a Zone Leader. :)
I hope that you all are having a grand time at Canon Beach, or had a grand time. Love the West Coast very much. I hope Grandma is feeling better. And I really hope that I get that package. Stinkin' Canada. Every goes on Strike here. Not like AMERICA!!!!! BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!! That's SO Sick!!!! And Styx opened for them??? MAN! Boston should have opened for Styx!! That's sick. Go on a date. This Friday. Here's an idea. Take a girl to go play Disc Golf!!! The last time a Flint boy did that he got smooched. oh yeah, that was me. ;) Just go on a date dang it!!!!
This last week for me was quite...actually it was pretty lame. We had people bomb on us like nothing else. Our baptism decided to take a vacation up North when he was supposed to get baptized. :| For the most part, it was a rough week.
One wonderful thing that did happen is that we were able to go to the TEMPLE!!!! They always have a first 6-weeks temple trip so, because of my boy, I got to go!!! To start off, we met the NEW mission President. PRESIDENTE SHEILDS!!! What a man!!!! Quite tall, super fun and full of energy, and super green. ;) It was quite funny, because while we were talking with him, he brought up that his son was a Spanish Missionary here in Toronto like 6-9 years ago, and then I remembered going through some old teaching records and seeing an Elder Sheilds. Haha. What a world!! Afterwards we were able to go do an Endowment Session in the House of the Lord. What a wonderful thing. After serving here for almost a year, it's really cool being able to walk into the temple and right at the entrance see friends and loved ones that you have served around and grown to love. It really makes you feel at home (as I shed some tears ;) And walking into the celestial room with the Sheilds there and many missionaries that I've also grown to love. So much goodness. And then walking into the temple store and not even hesitating before talking with the workers in Spanish. Toronto, Canada is really a Celestial place. In junction with the temple, I've been discussing lots of Deep Doctrine with other missionaries (because missionaries LOVE to talk about deep doctrine). So if you have any deep doctrine questions, come to me. :)
Other than that, last Saturday we went to a Colombian Restaurant and got to know the owner and waitresses very well. We're going to go back there Friday night (because that's when they have dancing) and baptize them all. I'M PUMPED!!!
I read a quote today that made me think about, well, a lot of things. But more specifically the home you can find wherever you are. The quote, in Psalms, basically said that if the Lord is there, you can find a home anyway. Like I said earlier in my email, I feel at home here with the missionaries and the people of Toronto. I know that this was made possible through the Lord. You can have great experiences with people, but it is a lot easier to remember the experience if the Spirit is involved. Because when it is, it is more impressed upon you hearts and your minds. So GO OUT!!! And have some great Spiritual Experiences with others. IT'S SO GOOD!!!! I Love you all and hope that we will make Spiritual Memories in the near Future. Chao!!!