Monday, November 30, 2015

Picture Time!!!

We have my Poutine the last time I went to Smokes. It was Chili Cheese Bacon, Wow Size, Extra Cheese Curds, Deluxe. And it was Fantastic!
                                                   Us with Elder Perkins, of the Seventy.
 Then we have all the guys in the zone sleeping over at the Zone Leaders' Place. Fun Stuff.
                   All the Elders in our Zone at a Trampoline Place that we went to last Monday.

Us with one of our favorite families, the Lopez Family, before they get deported back to Mexico :(

Why Hello There,

So for clarification, the Peruvian Thanksgiving was in October. And it was for Canada's Thanksgiving and it was good. We weren't able to celebrate our Ecuadorian Thanksgiving this last week because they bombed on us. :( BUT, we decided to order Schwarma and so I had Schwarma and Egg Nog for Thanksgiving Dinner. YAY AMERICA!!! Kanab sounds Awesome. I still dont' know what Pickle Ball is. :{ I'm super jealous you all got to go to Angels Falls. That's a nice message Micah. "Seven people have died on it. Happy Christmas!!!" I laughed. And the emerald pools are beautiful. I remember going there a few years ago. Good work on your road test Logan. Mr. Hales is a great man. Does he say anything about me?? I was one of his favorites. For last requests, Mom, I want a pony and new boots and a girlfriend and yeah. Just kidding. You better send that package soon though. I'm going to open it during our Skype call. Honestly, it still has not really snowed yet. It flurries every other day, and it rains and gets really cold. But no legit snow. :( I will be having to go and buy a winter jacket, probably next week at Costco, and I'll probably buy some boots too. The jackets there aren't bad at all (like 80$) I'm not sure about the boots though. I have not whipped out the long undies yet, I honestly can endure the cold pretty well. I love it.
So this week has been extra crazy. As you saw in my pictures. Last Monday we went to a sweet trampoline place. We had the whole place to ourselves which was SUPER COOL!!! I came to realize that all my Parkour skills...still got 'em. It was super fun. The week days were pretty bland. Lots of cold, lots of knocking doors, we taught a Pastor who tried to rip us apart (Bible Bash) and Elder Flake shut him down, and we had a huge Zone Council on Christmas Stuff. So last night, we got Transfer Calls and they are just something. Elder Flake is going to a new area and I'm stuck here, I mean get to stay here, with Elder Bahr.  They transferred the other two missionaries in our Ward away, so we got the whole ward on our shoulders. It's CRAZY!!! The Lord is definitely giving me trials that will make me stronger. I'm pumped though, because I think we can get AT LEAST one baptism this transfer, because we have a lot of people lined up and ready. YEAH, SAVING SOULS!!!! Other than that, not too much is going on. We're going to get All You Can Eat Sushi today, which I'm PUMPED about because I haven't had Sushi in forever. Sweet!
So like I was saying before, we had a Zone Council on Christmas Stuff. And the Christmas Things ARE SO COOL!!!! We're inviting EVERYONE to go the website <> #sharethegift. The website has two new short videos on it that are about Christmas and are SO GOOD!!! I CRIED!! Almost. There's also a bunch of other great stuff on the website. If you subscribe to it. It'll send you a "12 Days of Christmas Thing" where a famous Mormon (ex. David Archuleta, Studio C, etc.) will have a Christmas Video each day for the last 12 Days before Christmas. It'll be SO COOL!!! And like I said. We need to share this with EVERYBODY!!! So start sending emails, tweet it, ask the missionaries in you ward for pass-along cards (and if they don't have some, punch 'em in the face!!), family, you have permission to get on my Facebook and share it. This has got to be HUGE because there are so many in the world struggling because they haven't applied the Atonement of Christ in their lives. So I challenge all of you to share this message and report back to me on it, or I'll threaten to stop emailing you. Yeah! I just went there!!! That's how important this message is. Love You All!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Let it Snow!!! Let it Snow!!! Let it Snow!!!!

Wow!!! That snowstorm hit us HARD!!! We honestly probably got like three to four feet of snow...JUST KIDDING!!! I don't know who told you that we had a snowstorm. So far, the most snow we've gotten was a little flurry yesterday. It was like dust. It stunk. It has definitely started to get cold here though. The worst part is the wind. When there's wind, it makes the temperature drop like 20 degrees. I LOVE IT!!! I always used to say that I love the cold, but coming up here, I Really Do. It's funny because my trainer, Elder Flake, also loves the cold. And then there’s Elder Bahr, who is literally allergic to the cold. He gets hives whenever we go outside. Looks like someone forgot to fill out the Allergies Section in the Mission Papers. We tease that he’s going to get sent to Timmins during the Winter. Timmins is the most Northern City in the mission and they're super outcasted. They have to Skype in for Zone Meetings, they're like 5 hours away from every else, and sometimes, the mission president calls them and tells them that they can't leave their apartment for the day because it's too cold. I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!! It sounds like a party. I would have to get called to do some English work though, which does happen in this mission.
I can't think of anything else for you to send, except Chocolate. Sophie's iPod, eh? I would either hold down the power button and see what it does, plug it into the computer and fiddle with it, or plug it in to the computer THEN hold down the power button. That’s all I can think of.
Yeah, Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks for Everybody. except me :( Kidding, I feel like a pile of trash when I’m not out doing something. Family dinners sound fun. You should invite the missionaries sometime. Missionaries are cool. B) I have not gotten the Costco card yet. We're planning on going soon though. Actually, for this Thanksgiving, we've been invited to an Ecuadorians house to celebrate American Pride. Yeah!! And for Canadian Thanksgiving we celebrated with Peruvians. Woot!
This week, for me has been a huge roller coaster of ups and downs. To start it off, we had a Mission Tour, which is when a General Authority tours our mission. Elder Perkins came and we had a big meeting with him. It was Super Good!! I played about 45 minutes of Prelude, an opening song, three congregational hymns, and a closing song. So I don't want to hear any complaining, Logan! Elder Perkins is a really good guy though, everyone was expecting us to get iPads when he came, but that didn't happen. Which is good, because I hate technology. Also, this week, we were going to visit one of our investigators and returning member, when we stumbled upon his Sister's Baby Shower. And being Hispanic, and having tons of food. They invited us in. It was super fun. Yeah, Baby Showers!! Also, yesterday, we were able to attend the rededication of the Montreal Quebec Temple. I Love Temples. It was super good, a bunch of it was in French and the English translators weren't that great, so it was also mildly entertaining. Elder Perkins spoke at that and did the Hosana Shout at our Session. So a lot of fun things happened this week. And then there was last night.
So last night, we talked with our investigator and his family about his baptism this Friday, and he said that it feels pushed and that he doesn't feel ready for it, so he wants to move it to early January...I about FLIPPED!!! We know that he's ready to be baptized and he's more solid than a lot of members I know. And this isn't the first time he (and mostly his mom) has postponed his Baptism. It made me super upset, and all for his sake. The first thing that came to my mind while we were talking was Alma 34:35, which reads, "For behold, if ye have procrastinated the day of your repentance even until death, behold, ye have become subjected to the spirit of the devil, and he doth seal you his; therefore, the Spirit of the Lord hath withdrawn from you, and hath no place in you, and the devil hath all power over you; and this is the final state of the wicked." Scary thought, eh?? I've been working on being bold this week, so this is what I have to say. STOP BEING LAZY!!!! If you want to get baptized, GET BAPTIZED! If you feel like you need to repent, REPENT! If you want to share the Gospel, SHARE IT! Stop waiting around hoping that something miraculous will happen. Because something will happen, The Second Coming!!! And if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar when Christ comes, Buckle Up. The natural man is very lazy. So we need to "put off the natural man" and DO SOMETHING!!!! Don't be a slacker, be an attacker. #shirtquotes :) Love you all and I hope that you've all got something to DO during the breaks. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Good Morning to all. And to all a Good Morning,

Today, is a day. This last week, was a week. I'm kind of tired right now. We slept over at our Zone Leaders house last night, so we got a little bit of sleep, it was a party. Your talk sounds wonderful Mom. Powerful testimony. I'm not sure if Logan was talking about the Doubt your Doubts talk by Uctdorf, but this last Conference, his opening talk relates to yours a lot also. Food for thought. I'm glad Charlie's play was good. And I'm glad the only dirty old man you'll work with any more, Mom, is Dad. :) Heehee. To answer your question Logan: No, it hasn't snowed here, but it's gotten deathly cold. The winds here are really strong and supposedly last year, the wind caused it to drop down to negative 40 Celsius. Pretty crazy stuff, I guess it's time for Timmy's (Tim Hortons). And I'm super excited for Christmas. I definitely can't get a better deal on flags up here. Everything in Canada is super expensive. But I would not mind some flags for Christmas (I'm pretty open to whichever, just have Logan pick some, he knows flags [psst, Logan, pick the one with the Machine Gun on it. Yeah, Mozambique!!]) Other than what I've said, I can't think of much else I'd want for Christmas (maybe some Tim Hortons or Smokes Gift Card, but you can't get those for me, you're in the US.) Speaking of different countries, did you hear about the attacks in Paris?? Crazy stuff. I can't wait for the second coming when all the evil, lazy, and prideful people burn. Sorry, that's a little dark. :}
This week for me was pretty sweet and super successful. We've been teaching a ton of people and we have the baptism for Jay in about 11 days. So I'm super excited for that. Oh, last Monday was super fun. So we went to Downtown again and we ate at Smokes Burritorie again. SO GOOD!! I have a problem. A POUTINE PROBLEM. But after that, we went to basically the Toronto Times Square. It was SO COOL!!! But guess who forgot to bring his camera. ME. Nuts. But I'll go back and get some pictures later on. After that we went to Toronto China Town, which was pretty cool. It was an awesome day, super exhausting. Afterwards, we went over to a part members house and taught an interactive Plan of Salvation. I was in charge of it. It was super fun. So the family has five kids, so we each gave them a tie representing the different stages of the Plan and then we had that person with the tie explain there part. It was great. Elder Bahr was Satan, I mean he played Satan. The rest of this week was pretty great too. I tried Mate for the first time, I'm sure Dad can tell you what that is. Or Charlie. Yeah, Mate!!
Another huge miracle we saw last week was when we were knocking doors. We were at an apartment building, tracting, and we met this woman who has been a member basically her whole life but has gone super inactive. We scheduled a return appointment with her, which was last Friday, and crazy miracles happened. So she had had an incredible experience with Elders in the past and she was super open to us. She had gone inactive because of some members from her old ward, but she (without us asking) told us that she was going to start coming back to church, and that she was going to bring her three kids with her (two boys, 11 and 16, and one daughter, 20). We also were able to give her a Book of Mormon, which she was very excited about meeting. It was Perfect!!! It was the PERFECT example of how God puts people in our paths and prepares them for us to teach them. Honestly, all this woman needed was two (or three) Mormon Missionaries to knock on her door, and she would come back to church. And that's what happened!!! My testimony has grown strongly this week that God really does prepare people for us. Everywhere we go and everyone we meet could have been prepared by God to have the Gospel brought to them. You never know, unless you OYM. Open Your Mouth. The Gospel is incredible, and we need to share it. I love you and hope that life is filled with love and happiness and chocolate. Ciao, and Happy American Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015




Howdy howdy howdy. I'm Woody.

Howdy howdy howdy. I'm Woody.

What is up family?? Man, you guys are all moving up in position and authority. New Deacon, Teacher's President, Sumo Sacerdote?? That’s so cool!!!

Haha funny, Logan teaching Ammon. Actually in our Ward there's a family with three kids who all play the piano. They're younger (15, 14, 12) and the oldest studies some hard core theory. They're at the church every Tuesday night to practice the piano and study, and I'm always there because that is when we teach English classes, so I help them out a ton with that. I also want to show them how to work the Organ, because it's super easy and a Sacrament Meeting without the Organ makes me sad. First I have to find whoever has the keys to the Organ first though because it is locked. UGH. FRUSTURATING. And don't get too cocky Logan. Range ain't nuthin. That's child's play. Try driving in Toronto. Everyone's crazy drivers. Because they develop the trait of no laws from their countries and they bring that trait over to this one. So whenever you drive, almost getting killed about 3 to 5 times a day is pretty normal. As a pedestrian, a driver, or a stop sign.

YES!!! ALL HAIL CHRISTMAS!!!! I'm SO PUMPED!!! You all should see if you can go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert because it looks SO COOL and I really want to go but I can't. They're having Laura Osnes, an incredible Broadway Actress, a British Actor who also did the voice of Felix-It Felix I believe, and 4 Opera Singers. It's going to be SO GREAT!! You should go because I can’t. BYU Young Ambassadors sounds fun. I’m bummed they didn't come while I was there.

Yeah, last Friday we had a mission wide conference call where the President told us about the changes in the Church Handbook on Homosexuality. It's super intense. My biggest worry is that the separation of church and law is really starting to take place. Buckle Up. Here comes the Second Coming. You all should watch the video though of Elder Christofferson talking about it. Just go to the Mormon Newsroom. Then scroll down and look at all the new temples they are building. They’re super cool!!

This week has been very busy and successful for us. We haven't done anything too crazy, but today we're going downtown to Smoke's Burritorie again and maybe I'll go buy a guitar also. Hmmm???? 8) One thing that the mission has been focusing on a lot is trying to teach 20 lessons a week to everyone we can (Active Members, Less Active Members, New Converts, Investigators). It's a huge goal, but this week my companions and I are shooting for at least 20, which is a big leap from the 9 we had last week. I find that the more lessons we teach throughout the day, the more Spirit I feel and the happier I am. So I super excited for it all. Other than that, not too much has gone on. Hasn't snowed yet. Darn. But I’m super excited for Christmas.

You're talk sounds fantastic, Mom. One thing we focus on as missionaries is Personal Revelation through Prayer, Church Attendance, and the Book of Mormon. It's very important because people aren't going to change without Personal Revelation. Someone can be taught all the lessons many times by the missionaries, but if they don't act for themselves, they are going to get nowhere. I've also learned that this applies to testimonies. People can say that they "believe" that something is true, because it makes sense, or they heard it from someone they trust. But unless people ACT and receive their own revelation and experience of something, whether it's the Book of Mormon, or Tithing, or if God knows them personally; they're never going to progress Spiritually. Personal Revelation and Spiritual Experiences are Awesome. I invite you all to go experience them for yourselves, because you're never going to progress or find true happiness if you don't. I love you all and hope the best for everyone. Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. There were two questions you didn't answer from my last email about what is our phone number and how much did the flags cost that you bought. It would be wonderful to know as soon as possible. Also, I'm sending a bunch of pictures from the last while because now I have the means to. So BUCKLE UP.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy Halloweenies!!!!

Happy Halloweenies!!!!
I'm so glad to hear that yalls Halloween was awesome. I'm so jealous. Your guys' costumes look fantastic. Dad, I'm so very glad that you carried on my legacy and used my "Babeslayer" sword. Also, did you end up taking your shirt off under your furs. I hope so. YES!! Mom!! I'm so happy that happened to you. OWN IT! And your costume looks fantastic. Sometimes, I have dreams where I walk outside naked in front of everyone, then I realize it's not a dream. Dang it. The poopy peanut sauce looks fantastic, and good work with the sticky rice. Good work supporting your house, Skyler. Slytherins are ways better than Gryffinsnores. Sweet mask Logan, where did you get that?? And I'm glad to hear that the spook alley was scary and scaring. Speaking of evil Halloween, we ate dinner at an Argentinans house on Halloween and I asked them if they had plans for that night, and they were like, "No, Halloween is about Satan." And I was like, "Oh." And good work on Roger and Hammersteins. Oklahoma is the Musical. Sorry you lost. As long as you were the best one on your team. ;) Like me. Is he standing on a chair, or has Micah grown like a foot?? And freaky costume, eh? And Happy Birthday. The Priesthood is awesome. And now you can go to the temple. So go!!! RIGHT NOW!!! No Time To Waste. It'll be scary at first, but you'll get used to it. Just GO NOW!!!! And Sophie looks as disturbing as Micah does. Good work. And Savannah looks adorable, and older. How long have I been gone?? Almost four months?? Wow. Do that five more times and I'll be home. Time flies so fast here. Charlie and Amaya look fantastic. I hope they sang and danced for you all. An Aerobar?? Really?? They can't get any better Canadian candy bar than the Aerobar?? Maybe an Oh, Henry or a Wunderbar or a Caramilk. Canadian Candy Bars are way better than American. Fact. I honestly have not seen a Cadbury Crunch yet, but I haven't really been looking for them. I'll keep an eye out.
Thank you Mom (and Dad) for getting me the Costco Card. That will really help me throughout my mission. What was our phone number again?? My camera is an Optio. The camera hole is really small and shaped like a rectangle, not flat. I can't anywhere it's sold. Anything else I want for Christmas?? I still need to get a jacket and boots, because I've been told mine won't work. Costco has good jackets for like 80 bucks (not 200-500 dollars). I'll keep an eye out for boots. Also, I lost that guitar music you sent me, so that would be fantastic. Especially the Symphony song by David Archuleta, except that on the piano. Any music would be much appreciated. Also, question, the flags that you hung on the flag pole (Canadian, Spanish, South Korean) how much did those cost?? Because I bought a Canadian and an American flag and I want to make sure I didn't get ripped off. Actually, if you want to send me country flag (Colombian, Mexican, and South American or Spanish Speaking Country, or any cool country flag) that would be very cool. I love flags. Also, temple pictures would be cool. I love temples. A lot. Have I told you that? ;) Also, my Arabic book would be much appreciated. I got an Arabic Book of Mormon here and it's super cool. Or a Smokes gift card. That would be awesome. I LOVE POUTINE!!!!
Halloween here for me was one of the best Halloweens I've ever had. I started by getting an "Orange Pumpkin Spice Latte" (Name that movie) from Tim Horton's. Kidding. I did get a Pumpkin Hot Chocolate there though. Then we visited an inactive member and her boyfriend and his mom. They unexpectedly fed us Ecuadorian Seafood and then we taught an awesome lesson. She was super excited for her boyfriend and his mom to come to church and listen to the Gospel so that was awesome. Two New Investigators and One New Inactive. SCORE!!! So, we had to be home at 6 o'clock because we couldn't be outside when all the crazy people started doing crazy things. So we had a party with another companionship and we carved pumpkins. I dressed up as a Russian TTC Driver (Or Bus Driver). I'll send pics. I carved probably the best pumpkin I've ever carved in my life. It's the Toronto temple. SO COOL!!! We also ate chips and soda and brownies and ice cream and pumpkin seeds and chocolate milk. It was super fun. The rest of this week was super good. And to answer you question, Mom, trios usually don't last more than one transfer, so I only have to endure for a few more weeks. It's all good though. Actually I just ate a whole Little Caesars pizza by myself for the first time. WIN!!
Another fantastic thing that happened this week was when we met with a part member family last night. So they have a 17 year old son who is going to be baptized in a few weeks (third to last day of the transfer), the mom is an inactive member, and the dad is also working towards baptism. So, the son used to have really long hair and sideburns and wore earrings, but yesterday, he came out with a fresh new hair cut, shaved, and (without us asking) he removed his earrings. It was super cool. And he's super excited for baptism. Also, his father said during the lesson that his son is paving the path for his own baptism. It was SO COOL!!!!  I can testify that the Lord really is preparing people for us to teach. And not just for the missionaries. He prepares people for everyone to talk to. So get out there and share the Gospel. OYM!!! Open Your Mouth!!!! Someone out there is waiting for you to share the Gospel with them. I love you all and miss you family. Hope everything is going well. Tootles.

Elder Flint
Canada Toronto Mission