Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Well Nuts Family. Just Nuts. Cacahuetes. Amendoins. Nuts.
So remember my last email that said I'm so happy because I'm not getting transferred. SIKE!!! I did get transferred. So last Monday I got a surprise call telling me that I'm getting transferred to the Black Creek Central Area. Yay...except the fact that because the transfer call was a whole day late I didn't have time to say goodbye to my old ward, Elder Johnson and I had used all our money on groceries (because we were sure that we weren't getting transferred), I had about 2 hours to pack, there's no good Poutine here, or guitar stores, or Schwarma, and the only cultural diversity here is Blacks and Hispanics...... It is just stupendous. :| 

I am now in a trio with Elder Flake and Elder Bahr, my old MTC companion. One more thing. I am in need of a camera chord or a memory card to USB converter because I can't find one that fits my camera anywhere. So I'll still be on the hunt for that but if you guys have the one for Grandma's camera, that'd be great to have. But until then...no pictures. Which stinks because I have a lot. :|
Good news for this week. Um...I got a new hat from the apartment. It's Russian style and I love it. We actually have investigators that have baptismal dates coming up, so that's very cool. We're going bowling as a Zone later today. So that's pretty exciting. Um...I had Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate for the first time. That was pretty good. So Tim Hortons is a super famous coffee and donuts place in Canada. It's like Starbucks, but there's more of them. They also sell soups and sandwiches and of course Hot Chocolate (which I learned this week was fantastic). So I'm already set for Christmas. I'm PUMPED! Halloween's pretty exciting too. Except missionaries can't go to certain areas of the city. I'll probably go as a missionary this Saturday, for Halloween. Maybe I'll put my new hat on and go as a Russian Missionary?? Oohh, mixin' it up!!  The week has been pretty slow though.
I hope you all have a fun time at the Halloween party. Make sure the little kids don't ruin the scare house. Because that's just the worst. Who are you're new students Logan?? Well, I think at one point I had 10 so if you can beat that, you'll have won my respect, but until then...nope. Good luck with the Knowledge Bowl. That team really is the worst. Shut them up, and WIN! (Name that movie) And don't worry, I'm glad the Blue Jays lost too, because now all they're merchandise is going to go on sale for really cheap, so I'll get some good souvenirs out of that. Sick!! The most exciting thing's we've done for P-day is going downtown. I can't go to Niagara Falls because it's out of my area and a ways aways. Sometimes we can get permission to leave our areas for P-days, but Niagara Falls is too far away for us to go there. We're hoping to go to my old area so we can go get Smokes Poutine and go downtown and buy guitars (well, just me on that last one). And Mom, about your nursing clinical at the hospital?? Aren't you used to 575 lb. dirty old men walking around naked with poop on their bottom?? Dad does that about everyday. JAJAJAJA PONED!!!!! That was set up TOO perfectly. Gotcha pops. Hey speaking of weight...guess who lost 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks?? This guy!!!!! I'm at 185!!!! And I haven't even started my Cleanse diet yet (did I tell you about the Cleanse??). So that's awesome.
One interesting thing I've found with this last transfer is how a lot of different Elders' follow the rules. My last companion was a little more lenient with our schedule, but he was also a little more appropriate with his conduct than my companions now. I've found that probably the easiest way to go about doing things, is just to try and follow all the rules. Honestly. It takes away all the doubt you have about if you're doing the right thing, it honestly makes life easier, and perfect obedience brings blessings. Now, for all you non-missionaries, I've found that this truth applies to the commandments also. If you just choose the right choice, life is guiltless, easier, and you have a lot less regrets. One thing that a lot of people don't understand about our church is that the commandments aren't there to limit our fun, they're there to make sure that our lives are more fun, more free from worldly things, and more free from guilt and sadness. It's as simple as that. So advice for the week. Don't see how close you can get to that edge before falling off of it, because falling off it really sucks. I know. I've been there. I love you all and hope you're lives are guilt free and frivolous. Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

2nd Transfer Down!!

2nd Transfer Down!! (Well, Basically 2nd Transfer)

And, it snowed here!!!!! Yay Winter! Well, it more like dusted here. The snow was very sparse, but it was snow, nonetheless. And it has definitely been getting colder here. I love it. So this week was pretty crazy. We got to go to the temple last Thursday and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!! I finally got to see the third endowment movie that I haven't seen yet. All three new videos: Check that off the bucket list. The whole trip was super fun though. And yesterday, everyone who is getting transferred got called. Elder Johnson and I luckily get to stay in our area. I would be very upset if I got transferred because I've become very attached to the ward. And I want to be here for Christmas. Many good friends are leaving though, so that's quite bittersweet. It's crazy to think that I've been on the mission for 3 months already. Do that 7 more times and I'll be coming home. It's honestly felt like it's been a few weeks. So Crazy!! Other than that, this week nothing too exciting happened. Went to some members' houses for dinner. Ate a lot of potatoes (I didn't realize how much potatoes Hispanics eat!!) Fun stuff.
St. George sounds fun. I still have no idea what pickleball, so it's sounds great, but yeah, pretty lost here. :} I talked about Thanksgiving in my other email. But basically they just celebrate the same things, pilgrims coming to America, then to Canada...eventually. They eat the same kind of stuff. Good deal. And today's voting day in Canad  so we're getting a New Prime Minister. Huzzah, eh? Choir concerts are always awesome. Sorry to break it to you mom, but you probably won't be able to hear Logan sing specifically. Unless he has a solo. Which would be sick!! Woohoo! Night school. Party time. That sounds terrible and fun all at the same time. I wouldn't mind sleeping during the day and working at night. I think the darkness is my ally, I was born in the darkness, molded by it. The first time I was introduced to the light, it was nearly blinding to me. Name That Movie!?!?!
Dude, Micah, what's up. Good work on getting to the playoffs. Yeah, Springville's the worst. I hope Beauty and the Beast was good. And all those restaurant's sound delicious. I really hope you're not my bra because I don't need to wear a bra and wearing you just puts images in my mind that I just don't need right now, or ever. EVER!!!
Yeah, Logan. I've learned that sometimes, people just don't know how to read music, or sing. I've also learned that most Hispanics don't sing very well at all. I love Hispanics, but they can't sing. Except Enrique, he can be my hero...baby. I play the organ for sacrament meeting (and by the way, the organ is SO SICK) but it's always quite fun when we have fermatas in a song because for the most part, no one knows that they need to hold them out, and sometimes the conductor just keeps going. So I'm holding out the note, half the congregation holds it out, the other half awkwardly pretends like they held it out too (but we all know they didn't), and the conductor's just going at it. Chopping logs, making a sandwich, killing chickens. You know, the works. But it's all very fun. This week, I'm memorizing 1 Nephi Chapter 1 and ponderizing 1 Nephi 3:7.
So I've relearned a couple things this week. So last night, we accompanied the Bishop and his wife to a inactive member's house and talked with her. The reason she went inactive was because she was diagnosed with Cancer (in the kidney, I believe) and she decided to stay home and basically wallow in her pains. I've seen this same effect with many other people we've worked with. Now, one thing I learned in the first few weeks here is that I HATE staying in my apartment for hours on hours. Even if I'm a little nervous to go outside, or talk to people, it ALWAYS makes me feel better, one way or another. I came to the conclusion that procrastination, or laziness will always get you nowhere. The only way to accomplish something in life is to get off your rear end and DO IT!!!!! JUST DO IT!!!! YES YOU CAN!!! So turn off your TV, stop reading this email, get off your couch, light it on fire, and GO DO SOMETHING!!!!! Love you all. Ciao.

P.S. I don't have any pictures this week because Elder Johnson lost his camera cord. But I'm going to buy a converter today, so next week. NOW TURN THE COMPUTER OFF!!!! :)


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! But Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! But Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

So this last Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada. Because of this, EVERYTHING was closed. We couldn't email, buy groceries, or buy my guitar. :) So this week has been crazy. We were invited to a members house for Thanksgiving dinner. They are Peruvian so their food is always VERY good. It was an incredible experience. Other than that, this week has been very fun and very busy. We've gone to a lot of members houses for meals and done a lot of other stuff. Out of the blue we got two new investigators last Saturday, which was a miracle. And at least one of them seems pretty solid. Also, our district had three baptisms last week. We had two baptismal services and at the second service I played a musical number with a missionary who played the flute. They were both very good. This week has already been very crazy also. For all the new missionaries that have been here for around six weeks, we are going on a temple trip tomorrow so I'm SUPER PUMPED!!! I've ate a lot of Poutine this week, schwarmed a couple more times, eaten a lot of hot sauce, the works.
That's so cool you guys got to see Jeffery R. Holland!! He's an incredible man. How do you know I ate at Baskin Robbins?? I feel very personally invaded by my own mother. ;) 5 BUCKS?? I believe when I took it out here it said two extra dollars in Canadian money (which has less value). That's strange. I'll definitely avoid ATMs then. I've been trying not to use my debit card too much at all. But life happens. For the spices, I definitely don't want sauce packets, I'm thinking more like garlic powder, cocoa powder, bouillon, different rubs, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Stuff like that. Money on my debit card sounds great. I definitely want to buy a guitar here myself, because I also want a souvenir from Toronto that I would treasure, and a guitar would be perfect for me. And buying it online takes away the souvenir part. I definitely CAN have a guitar, I know a few other missionaries that have some. The rule here is that we can only play our musical instruments on P-Day and when we do play them, we should only play Hymns. Which are both understandable but very interesting rules because I play the piano about 3 to 4 times a week for different meetings and I play the organ every week on Sunday. But I'll be obedient, and I might talk to the President about it. :) Have fun in Saint George. That all sounds very fun. I'm very jealous of you guys going to Beauty and the Beast and of course playing Pickle Ball. Jajaja. That's way cool Hawkes is also going to North Carolina. And piano lessons make BANK!!! That's crazy that Bills is paying for Pianists now. HA! Jokes on him. Bills Breakfast Bashes are the Best and yeah, he was always very awkward about asking people to play piano for him. He treated me like that all the time too. Just show him who's boss, Logan, and tell him how much you charge. ;) FREE CHOIR TOURS FOR LIFE!!!!! 2 Nephi 22?? That is when Nephi is quoting Isaiah RIGHT?? I've been memorizing all the chapters in the Book of Mormon. And the Book of Mormon. My scripture this week are 1 Nephi 1:2,  Nephi 2:1, and of course 1 Nephi 2:15 (And my father dwelt in a tent, nailed it).
Two questions: 1st, I was looking online at familysearch.org and I believe that I'm the only one on there of the kids in our family, it may just look different on there for me. I don't know. I just thought you'd like to know. Also, have you guys watched the 12 Steps Videos?? If not, YOU NEED TO!!! They're INCREDIBLE!! They're LDS videos about 12 different people who went through addiction recovery. They're a little intense so maybe keep the age limit to Logan and older. :) But I don't care if you're an hard core addict or you've never been addicted to anything in your life. Everyone should watch them. I've learned a ton from them. That's my motivation for the week. WATCH THE 12 STEP VIDEOS!!! And keep ponderizing scriptures, it's AWESOME!!! Love you all, hope life is exciting. Ciao.

And now, a little something about Canadian Thanksgiving. Holidays in Canada tend to always be on Monday (unless it's like Christmas, December 25) because supposedly Canadians like long weekends. I've heard that Canadians also celebrate the Pilgrims coming to America, because eventually, they too traveled to and settled in Canada. They just came to America first. :) For this Thanksgiving, the whole Province of Ontario watched or went to the Blue Jays baseball game. They played against Texas. It's super big because this is the first time in a long time the Blue Jays have been in the Playoffs. They won, so Canada celebrated. Huzzah.

Monday, October 5, 2015


                                                         Ammon's district at the MTC

                                       Ammon with Eric Johnson and Jacob Warr at the MTC

                                           Ammon at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

                             Ammon's view from his 19th floor balcony in Toronto--Gorgeous!

                                                            Going out for Korean food!


That was pretty intense. That was like a funeral, a welcoming, and a bunch of Spirit all put into about 10 hours. CRAZY!! I love Elder Rasband and the other two apostles seem like they're going to be awesome. I'm not sure what my favorite talk was, but holy smokes, they put a ton of emphasis on Sabbath Day Holy, The Holy Ghost, and Women. Didn't see that coming. It was all really good though. President Monson did seem very tired and when he didn't close the Conference that was very worrisome. I hope he's alright. Elder Bednar's closing talk though was very intense, and I feel like a perfect way to close this conference.
This week has been very crazy and very fun. I tried real Poutine for the first time!!!! We went to this place called Franks, which is a very famous Hot Dog Place and got some very good poutine. Original Poutine is basically just fries with gravy and cheese curds on it, but Good Poutine has a lot more than that. The poutine I had, had Chorizo, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Chives, and Pulled Pork on top of it. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! On top of that, last Wednesday we decided to go to K-Town and go get lunch at pretty much the first Korean restaurant we walked by. It was very different. I had Marinated Mackerel for my main dish. But I also ate a lot of Kimchee, Chili Sauce, Rice, Tofu, Random Vegetables I've never heard of, wontons, and much more. It was very Korean. I thought of Skyler…I cried. :)
Other than that, we've done a lot of tracting this week, we've also been working with a blind member and helping him bet the Melchizedek Priesthood and work towards his Endowments so that has been very cool.
I'm glad to hear that Mom keeps changing her ways to get the kids to do their chores. I'm pretty sure the only way for her to stick with one way, is for the Second Coming. But then after that we still have the Millennium, and then we have eternity. So all hope is lost. :(
Ice Skating is the Best!! I hope you are all having fun with that. Classes are always terrible, and so are tests. So that's fun. Have fun in Saint George.
CHRISTMAS!!!! I'M SO PUMPED!!! What do I want?? Hm...I want a pony and a rocket ship and Barbies and...Just kidding, just the Pony. Um...they did not have jackets at the mission home. But I think I'll be fine there. I will probably need to buy some boots. I need to buy a Guitar also. :) I get pretty lonely with just my sad Harmonica. I do get to play the piano a lot at church though. Actually, I've been playing the organ for our ward because we don't have an organist. Or didn't. Until now. So that's been very fun. Some things that might be nice for Christmas, if you could sneak it across the border, is dry cooking ingredients (spices, seasonings, stuff like that) because we are limited to buying cheap easy things to make. Piano/Organ/Guitar Music would be great. An Italian Language Book. There are SO MANY ITALIANS HERE!!! And I want to speak their language. Also, I have an Arabic Book I left at home. If you want to send that too, that would be great. President Clayton is actually considering starting to have Arabic Speaking Missionaries here. Which Is CRAZY!!! because I'm pretty sure no other missions in the world have Arabic Speakers. And guess who's under the radar that speaks a little bit of Arabic?? ME. Supposedly, President Clayton is sometimes sporadic about changing peoples languages (for example, all the Farsi speaking missionaries here didn't know it until they arrived in the field, same with a lot of the Portuguese speakers.) Who knows?? That would be super intense though.
Other than those things, I can't think of anything else. Maybe some American Hostess. Actually, weird things about Canada Part II.
They have Hostess here. But all the boxes are designed differently and some of the names are changed. (e.i. a Ding Dong here is called a King Dong) Weird stuff. They do have Twinkies here also. I'm not sure about the other things.
Also, there are a TON of squirrels here. And they are all Black!?!?!?! So Canadian Squirrels are Black. So that's weird.
We do have Halloween here. And we have Canadian Thanksgiving. I can't remember when it is, but most of the missionaries here celebrate American Thanksgiving too. So Double the Stuffing!!!!
I'll put on some more things as I notice them.
One thing that I LOVED from conference was the elder who challenged every to ponderize a scripture every week. I LOVE THAT IDEA because THE SCRIPTURES ARE AWESOME!!!! I've been studying the Book of Mormon these last few weeks very intensely. My goal is eventually at the end of my life to have the Book of Mormon memorized. :) But for real. I decided to ponderize a verse or more from a different chapter of the Book of Mormon every week. This week I'm starting with
1 Nephi 1:1. I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I RE-CHALLENGE all of you to take up this Commitment and ponderize at least one scripture a day because the Scripture are SO COOL!!! Especially the BOOK OF MORMON!!! The Book of Mormon is one of the greatest gifts this world has. DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!! Lots of Love. Ciao!!