Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fo' rills. Supa' hot. Even the basement of the basement we live in is too warm for me, AT NIGHT!! I trust in the Lord when he says that "thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment." It has been raining here though, so that's nice. YEAH MOM!!!! Now we've got 3 RMs in the family and an RN. Sweet stuff!! Oooh. I miss chocolate decadence too much. :( Now I wan't to come home. I'll get over it. For my birthday, well the Saturday (P-day) before. We went to a place called East Side Marios with another set of missionaries and had dinner. It was SUPER fun. The restaurant had me stand on a chair (and I danced, of course) while they sang me a Happy Birthday song. Then I got a free sundae and a coupon for a free lunch there. SO GOOD!!! Then on my actual Birthday. So Many Good Things!! I opened my presents in the morning and guess what?? NO CAMERA CORD!!!! I'm so confused. If you put it in there it got taken out, or you might not have put it in there. So whatever it is, let me know. Also, I didn't get the Monopoly money either. ?? And Mom, I must sadly inform you that you gave me pictures of the Toronto Temple, Bogota Temple, and the Seoul Temple for Christmas. But the Madrid one was new!! Now that the disappointments out of the way, ;) I LOVE THE FLAGS!!!! I almost started crying because it made me think of you all. When I pulled out the infinity scarf, Elder Johnson made fun of me, :( BUT he told me that one of my favorite Spanish Elders in the mission has one. So once we're companions, we'll have matching scarves. SWEET!! And the Origami Book is SO GOOD!! Elder Johnson didn't believe me when I told him the Toronto Temple was in there. He Believes Me Now! We made some Toronto Temples after that and I finished my first Origami Angel Moroni last night. It was pretty bad. ;) And I've almost eaten all of the chocolate. After we made the temples, we got a phone call from the Chinese Sisters asking if we could come over and cut down someone's Cherry Tree (no joke). So we went and basically just yanked the trunk out of the ground. Supposedly it was so manly that the mother of the house had to take a video of us doing it and a picture later. :) They just needed a couple of handsome, muscular priesthood holders. Afterwards, the mom found out it was my Birthday and ran to the store to buy me a Birthday Cake. So while we were waiting, we (us two, the two Chinese Missionaries, and the daughter of the runaway mom) had a missionary jam session (all missionary appropriate songs). I hadn't jammed out like that in months. It was Glorious. We then had Chinese lunch and mousse cheesecake with the family. Later that day, Elder Johnson packed, we got Dairy Queen Blizzards with Nancy (a friend/member in the Mississauga Ward), had MORE dinner and cake at another Member's house, then packed up and had a sleepover with the other Elders (for the next day we had to wake up SUPER early for transfers). All in all, it was a pretty great Victoria's Day. ;) And being in Ontario, I had Happy Birthday sang to me in 4.5 different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and almost Arabic). So good.
Then the next day, my world fell apart. JUST KIDDING. Man. Why do you all take everything so seriously. ;) On Tuesday, we went to transfers and twas there I met my new baby boy. His name is Elder Delap (you'll never guess what his first name is...yep you got it, Tobar. Just kidding it's Ammon!!) Small world, eh. He's from Cape Canaveral, Florida (right next to the NASA Space Center and Disney World. That's how he Always introduces it). His Spanish is as good as my Italian and he's quite the goof. Sometimes I feel like I'm training another Elder Bahr. And when I say sometimes, I mean most of the time. :} I'll whip him right into shape in no time, and while I do, the work is growing here quite a bit in Mississauga. It's been crazy being a trainer, District Leader, and (oh yeah) a Building Manager all at the same time, but it's also quite nice, not sure why, it just is.
Angela had a little incident two Sundays ago. Her mom called us saying that her face had gotten an infection and swelled up. We were pretty worried that it was a cause of her quitting smoking, but luckily it wasn't. We were able to meet with her last week and get her baptismal interview out of the way, but she's been recovering from the incident and taking lots of antibiotics so we had to postpone her baptism (but this Sunday for sure!!) Other than that, we've been meeting a lot of new, solid people to teach and baptize (including a Colombiana!!!). So get this, we were giving a Chapel Tour before English Classes to this Colombian couple and while I was testifying about the Book of Mormon, the husband said "I know it's true." I was quite taken aback, so I said "What has been your experience with the Book of Mormon??" and he fessed up and told us that he's a member!!! But his wife isn't, so we'll get her in the water. My next two goals on the mission is to baptize a white person and baptize a Colombian. Almost there!!
I'm going to expound a little on my last email about how "the best way to serve someone is by being an example." It's so true and for all of you parents or leaders or friends who are having a hard time with the decisions of loved ones' in your lives, I would invite you to do two things. 1) BE AN EXAMPLE!!! There's so many reasons why that true. So do it!! and 2) In Elder Wilford W. Anderson's Conference Talk (probably one of my favorite talks ever!!) he says that in the Gospel, "we learn the dance steps with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts. The dance steps of the Gospel are the things we do; the music of the gospel is the joyful spiritual feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost." We can teach others how to follow the Gospel and the steps to doing it, but until we help them feel the Spirit for themselves, it's all pointless. So Be The Example and Help Others Feel the Spirit. Simple as that. ;) I love you all and hope you have another wonderful week. Chao!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The word's out. I didn't even know about it until last night. Since our P-Day was today, we got our transfer calls last night, and I'm staying here in Mississauga and going to have my own baby boy (for all of you not familiar with missionary lingo, it means I'm training). Yep, I'm training, I'm driving, I'm still a District Leader, I'm baptizing my first white person next week, I'm almost 19. I'm almost not a kid anymore. Haha. Almost.
So Elder Johnson is going very North to a town called Cookstown, and he's going into English work. I'm getting my greenie on Tuesday. That lucky son is walking into a baptism. And we'll start baptizing nations here. So Angela's still set for baptism next Sunday, today is her quit day on smoking. So we're Super excited for that. And we have many people lined up for this next transfer, so it's gonna be a good one.
Yes, my P-day is today. And to celebrate my Birthday, we're going to an Italian Restaurant today called East Side Marios. It sounds super good and I'm excited. And we're going to buy more Horchata. Horchata is a cinammon, rice, milk drink that they have in many Spanish Countries (I know they serve it at Cafe Rio or Costa Vida). But we found this powder you mix with milk at a Hispanic Store and it's basically the best drink I've ever had. So we're going to buy more because we ran out. We'll probably do something fun on Monday, too. I got the package. I pulled out some early birthday presents today. :} You do realize that that's the second time you've given me a picture of the Toronto Temple. :) Haha.
Work sounds like a party. I hope you're enjoying all the crazy women in labor. I let you know how mine goes this Tuesday. ;) I'll probably sing. Sorry about Micah and Sophie. You made me think of a General Conference related to that. Hope it helps. <https://www.lds.org/liahona/2015/11/sunday-afternoon-session/if-ye-love-me-keep-my-commandments?lang=eng>
My days have been roller costary. I've eaten lots of Pupusas and other Spanish Food. Went on exchanges with a great man from Peru, Elder Leyton. I don't think I've ever spoken Spanish that much in one day. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I got SUPER sick yesterday. Many bathroom trips. Tums. Pepto Bismo. The works. I'm still getting over it today. :/
That was basically the highlight of the week. ;) Nothing else too big really happened.
One thing I'm buckling up for this week is how it's going to go with the trainee. President says that "The best way to serve someone is by being an example," so I've been really analyzing myself and seeing in what areas I can better myself. That's probably been one of my biggest challenges as a missionary is being an example to others, so I'm very grateful for this opportunity I have to work on that and make this new missionary the best missionary he can be. Wish me luck!!! I love you all and hope you have a great Victoria's Day (May 23, my birthday ;) Chao!!

Elder Flint
Canada Toronto Mission

Monday, May 16, 2016

Red Velvet cake

Well...that's a car.
I'm not sure if I like it or not (actually, I am sure), but it's a car.
Luckily, I'll be busing and taking the Front Runner when I get home. :)
So I'm guessing the package has come, I just have to go to the mission office, or have the Zone Leaders go, to pick it up. Won't be a problem. Good luck on your test, Mom. My Birthday Wish will be that you do good, okay maybe not, but I still hope you do good!! I can't actually send videos, because they don't fit in my email message, but I was able to send that last one because an RM sent it to me in another form, and I forwarded it, so I'm not sure I'll be able to send any more. :/
This week has been a very nice one for me. We taught a lot of people. And met a lot of knew people to teach. Angela changed her baptismal date to the 29th of May, so it was will not be right before my birthday :( and it will be next transfer, so we'll see if I stay for that or not. In our District, we had a baptism last Saturday and two Birthdays last Saturday and Sunday. So I made a Red Velvet cake for the baptism/birthday and brownies to celebrate the other Birthday today. The Red Velvet Cake didn't turn out well. I think I used too much vinegar or something. Everyone at the baptismal service was eating it and giving me pity compliments, then the man who was baptized, Deneil, a shy but blunt married Jamaican man, comes up to me with a piece of halfway eaten cake and says "WHAT IS THIS??" That's when the truth came out. I BLAME THE RECIPE!! My brownies look SUPER good today though...hopefully.
After the baptismal service, Elder Johnson and I went to the font to make sure that the baptizer had drained the water after the baptism, and he hadn't. So we were trying really hard to open the drain (for it was a push in/push out drain) with a broom handle, but to no avail. So I came to terms with what needed to be done, took of my white shirt (not my garments, I don't know why I didn't), and while balancing myself on the stairs, I plunged into the baptismal font up to my waist. I started pushing on the drain, BUT NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! So I came out of the water, and then Bishop walked in because the Sisters were looking for us. One look at me and he knew what had happened (and he hasn't let me live it down since). He went on to show us that you have to push on the drain, then pry it open with a broom handle to open it completely. I played the fool that night.
Other than that, what happened this week?? I met three Colombians here in Mississauga (gonna' baptize them all!!) Ate Colombian food, taught with a lot of Asians, helped troubled-suicidal teenagers. The Norm.
One thing that I've pondered a lot this week is one of the main reasons why I LOVE being a missionary. I've come to realize, that although extremely important for them, the missionaries don't always get anything out of others being baptized. For example, I've been been to many peoples' baptisms, (that I've worked with) and although great for the people, I didn't really gain any life-changing experience for being there. It's something quick and it's nice to be able to witness the fruits of your labors, but I've found the true thing that brings me joy as a missionary is watching others repent, change their lives around, and experience a personal conversion to the Gospel. I've seen many people give up very hard things for this Gospel on the mission, and I've seen how much the Gospel has blessed their lives. Change and progression is an incredible thing. And, through the Atonement of Christ, we can all go through it everyday. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Chao!!--
Elder Flint
Canada Toronto Mission

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Sister Lolita, she was a show girl, she has long yellow hair, and a name tag of a misssion-air-y (Name that song).
I do know Lolita Wright. I didn't know that she was serving a mission though. Hmm...good stuff. Missions are pretty great. They usually send missionaries home on Wednesday. So if my calculations are right (and don't quote me on this) I should be coming home on August 2, 2017. But we'll see. LOGAN!! Why in the world didn't you say you want to be in Singers?? Even if you didn't want to, you could have gone to Call-Backs, made it in, and then dropped out. Nothing wrong with that. It just lets you know that you're a boss. Ah well. Go on a date.
Not anything super exciting happened this week apart from Skyping you all. We worked with Angela and Leo a lot. Helping them towards their baptisms. On Thursday night, we went with Black Creek Central (my old area) to surprise Jose Manuel and Estefany with a visit. We were supposed to help them paint their house, but they just ended up feeding us dinner. It was so good to celebrate el Cinco de Mayo with my favorite Chilango. It's absolutely incredible the friendships you form in the mission and through the Gospel. We then slept over at the Black Creek Central Elders' apartment and went to Zone Council on Friday, where I got to see Abigail again. Afterwards, us and the Black Creek Central companionship went out a ate PUPUSAS!!!! They were GLORIOUS!!! Also, the lady who's house we Skyped at told us that she knows how to make Pupusas (even though she's from Panama, not El Salvador), so we'll have to follow through with that.
On Saturday, we and a couple members (who we took with us to a lesson w/Angela) went out and got some All-You-Can-Eat Sushi. I LOVE SUSHI!! It was super good, but the service was deathly slow. So not going back there again. Sunday was a crazy day. Running around, getting people to come to church, meeting new investigators, eating ice cream (for Mother's Day), and I also gave a first Baptismal Interview in English. It was super to hear the experiences of this man and his conversion story. He will be getting baptized this Saturday and we're all very excited for him.
During the interview, he talked about something that I never really thought too much about before. I was talking with him about the Word of Wisdom, and he told me a story about how he witnessed a man going through some serious addiction withdrawals and shocked him. He told me that he's never realized the reality of addiction and how blessed he is not to be addicted to anything like that. Whenever he would drink before, it would be a conscious decision. For many, we're blessed with this natural resistance to these addictive things, and we should realized and give thanks for these blessings that God has given us. Of course, others do have problems to some addictions, and for those that do, it's important to seek help from God and from loved ones around you. You CAN get through it and, if you do, it WILL make you stronger. I've seen it in my life. I love you all and hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Love you Mom!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

                                         Franklin's Baptism


Sister Wright?? Sister Wright?? Hmmmm...yep, don't know her.
Just kidding (I think). I really know too many Wrights I can't put a finger on it. Maybe have him describe her. Baptizing Prophets. Yeah!! Don't you worry, Jose Manuel will be the next Prophet in no time. Jaja. 

So, I'll probably be Skyping in around 3:30-4:00 PM my time, 1:30-2:00 PM your time. So be ready. Way to be, Micah!!! Electronics are the worst. Not only the fact that they're distracting, unreliable, fragile, and stupid; from my experience and from science experiments (I think), looking at a lit screen is worse for your eyes and brain than reading a book. So keep it up!! Is that REAL Creme Brule?? Did you burn the top?? If so, good work, it looks spectacular. I don't get too many opportunities to cook here in Mississauga because we get LOTS of dinner appointments. I'm not complaining.
Good work on getting the job!! I hope you enjoy it and don't let people give you heat for working. That's ridiculous. Just tell them to move to Toronto, then they'll see how many single mothers there are working to make a living for their kids. Logan's a Priest. Now we've got a Deacon, A Priest, Three Elders, and a High Priest in the family. That's 4/5. We just have to wait for Micah to become a Teacher, then Sophie to become a Deacon, then we've got it all. ;) Tell Adam Kudos for scoring SBO. That's super sweet. And Logan, how'd your first date go?? (Yes, I'm assuming you've gone on your first date, because if you haven't... Imma beat you).
This week was quite pleasant for me. We taught a lot of people, did a lot of leader stuff, and struggled a lot with Satan. Typical missionary life. So our one Investigator (Leo) didn't get baptized yesterday. :| Last Tuesday he was set on staying Catholic, and I'll tell you, we let him have it. There are many ways the Spirit is felt. Sometimes in a still, small voice; sometimes, as a strong rebuking Spanish voice telling him to repent and stop fighting against God's will (because he knows God wants him to be baptized, he straight up told us). At this point, he's still trying to overcome his doubts, about wanting to stay Catholic, but he's pretty set on being baptized. So we'll stick in there with him and hopefully he'll come to.
Another sweet thing that happened this last week was we got a call from one of our Investigators, Angela, who had cancelled on us all of last (last) week and told us that she wants to have us over for dinner, she's excited to see us, and that she's been inviting all her family to her baptism in May. We we're SUPER PUMPED. We took our Bishop over and had dinner with her last Friday. She has a super strong testimony and really wants to be baptized, she just needs to quit smoking. But she's already quitting, so we're hoping to help her get baptized SOON.
Another good experience I had this week was last night, we had a "Why I Believe Fireside." I was asked to sing a solo, and the day before, I was told I'm singing "I Feel My Savior's Love." I practiced it a couple of times and it went...let's just say it went. The beginning and the end were stellar (which is all that really matters). I kind of completely forgot the lyrics at some points, so I started "crying." Not the "OH NO, I forgot the lyrics I'm so embarrassed" kind of crying, but the "I'm feeling the Spirit so strongly I'm speechless" kind of crying. My companion said I covered it up pretty well. And THAT'S why I did acting in High School!! And when I looked out into the audience, they were all crying too. SCORE!! Jajaja. Good stuff.
The Spirit is a very interesting thing. It can be felt in a plethora of different ways. It's something very personal, so if you haven't found out HOW you feel the Spirit yet, I invited you to read, pray, and see how you feel. I promise you that if you do this with "faith, real intent, and a sincere heart," God will send the Spirit to you. One other thing that I was studying this morning was the gifts of the spirits. Paul says that "to every man, a gift is given." So I also invite you to study those (Articles of Faith 1:7, Moroni 10, 1 Corinthians 12, etc.) and discover the gifts that God has blessed you with. Then use them to bless others, because that's what it's all about. I love you all and hope you're all doing well. Talk to ya Sunday!!!