Sunday, August 28, 2016

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cue Aerosmith "Back in the Saddle Again)
Oh Ho Ho. It is SO GOOD to be back. Honestly. I LOVE the city!! And we're going to KILL IT this transfer.
I'm down Mom. I'll sing it when I come back. Only like a dozen people there will understand it, but heh, that's life. Sounds like life is just one big party over there. Yeah, here too. ;)
Woohoo!! Good work Sophie!!! That's SO COOL!! Why is the Flint family just unfairly talented. It makes everyone else look like a fool! I can't wait to see you ice skate when I get back Soph. Maybe we can do a partner ice skate. I'll use my strong muscles to lift you up and I'll skate around. Then you can lift me up. ;) No way?? I didn't even think Rhys had graduated from elementary school yet. Haha. That's SO cool though. I'm sure he'll have fun learning Japanese. Racist Mom. Not ALL Japanese people are small. Just 99% of them. :}
This week was off the charts. So I just won't write about it and tell you all when I get home. SIKE! Buckle up.
So last Monday (P-Day), we celebrated our last transfer as a District and had a District lunch at an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Restaurant called the Mandarin. It was SWEET!! After we stuffed ourselves, I surprised one of the Sisters in the District, Sister Spencer, with a Surprise Birthday Chocolate Cheesecake (she had previously told me that was her favorite type of cake). It honestly was one of THE best cakes I've ever made. She was very appreciative. So we had a delicious time eating that cake, and then we went home and packed up our bags and cleaned up the apartment.
Tuesday (Transfer Day). After the zipper of my overfilled suitcase popped and I had to ingeniously put together a makeshift zipper to fix it. We met up with a bunch of other missionaries at Brampton, said goodbye to many (including the infamous Elder Kylan Erickson :), then we went to our new areas and got Right to work. My new companion, Elder Kyle Staheli is from Enterprise, Utah (yeah Utah, cream of the crop!!). Enterprise is down South by St. George, but close to the border with Nevada. He has twelve siblings I believe. He's a pretty quite guy, but we've already had a ton of fun and we get along great together. We met up with my favorite blind Mexican, Adalberto right after we lunched and then later that night, you guessed it, I taught MORE Portuguese people. It never ends for me. After English Classes, we gave a chapel tour to two new Brazilian students because the Portugues Elders (Zone Leaders) had to leave. I'm convinced that President Shields is going to put me in Portuguese work sooner or later. Revelation! Write it down.
The rest of the week consisted of me meeting the returning members we're working with and reuniting with other ward members I knew in the days. All we do now is work with inactive members. I just want to TEACH and BAPTIZE!!! It'll happen. Oh ho. It'll happen. We've been talking with a bunch of Spanish people and finding potential investigators that hopefully we'll start teaching soon. I contacted a Colombian family on the bus who said they weren't very religious (which is great because usually they're die hard Catholics). Hopefully we'll be able to teach them this week and baptize them the next one ;)
Yesterday, Sunday, was quite a day. After all the meetings and what not, we went over to a member family's house named the Lugos. He's the Ward Missionary Leader so he had all the Spanish/Portuguese missionaries over along with some RMs and a soon to leave missionary in the ward. It was a BLAST!! We had some delicious dinner and played lots of fun games, like Chubby Bunny (don't know what it is?? look it up ;) Kimbery Trujillo (a famous RM in Toronto), dared me to chug this sketchy bowl a Salad Dressing that was on the table in front of me. There really wasn't all that much so I asked her what she'd give me for it. She eventually promised to buy me a Soccer Jersey from Ecuador (which is where she's from), so I took the offer and chugged it. The dressing consisted of olive oil, salt, and an amount of vinegar that should never be consumed by the human body. I don't understand why my body didn't reject it and throw it up, but it didn't!! But the rest of that day my chest burned like crazy. Worth it?? Absolutely. And I'm excited to get my Ecuadorian Jersey very soon. 
Oh, and another great thing that happened this week was we were able to see a Prophet!! M. Russell Ballard, the man, the legend. Also Randall K Bennet, of the 70 was there accompanying him. I was playing the Organ for the meeting and as I was finishing "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" (for Prelude music), everyone started standing up because he walked in the door RIGHT next to me. He looked at me and said "Hey Elder." I so ingeniously said "Hey." Then he said "That sounded good." I again with my witty replies said "Thank you." Then he sat down. Before the meeting he wanted to shake everyone's hand, so the missionaries went up by rows (depending on where they were sitting) and shook his hand. Me, being on the stand, wasn't really sure where to go. So I didn't go anywhere. And by the time I was like "Maybe I should go now," he was already sitting down, so I thought "Eh, too late. That's life kid." But don't you worry. I got my handshake. Halfway through the meeting we took a break, which President Shields asked me to play some intermediate organ for, and once again Elder Ballard came in and finally came over and shook my hand. Last but not least. Not at all. ;) Later that day he gave another meeting to Ward Councils and we were able to watch that Broadcasted to our chapel, along with his Broadcast he gave Sunday morning to all of Ontario.
One of the things I really liked that Elder M. Russell Ballard said is that "It is impossible for the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to lead this church astray." Impossible. He talked about how this world has many different ideas and views and that even in the church there are some weird ideas and false doctrine floating around. He said that we MUST look to the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. They are our source of true doctrine and they will never lie to us. It was incredible to listen to the experiences he shared about his time with the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles. I've read their talks and I can testify that they are called of God. They are inspired and they are incredible, intelligent men that will never lead this church in the wrong direction. I invite you all to read or listen to their talks and follow their council. It's SO true. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Chao!!

Elder Staheli and I after we bought some Hispanic Caps. Viva Colombia!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Yeah!! Free stuff and small cabins!!
That sounds fun. Man! if it was like Nancy's bunkhouse than that thing was REALLY small. Not like the Briggs' Cabin. I'm glad the lake was fun and the hotel was also. Sweet stuff!! Ragtime at the Eccles Theater. Jealous!! Did you guys end up going to Tomato Street also?? So what's your new calling Mom?? Relief Society President!!! Yeah yeah!! Yeah school!! Not for me. BUT I also have a big change coming up in the mission. Because we got transfer calls last night. Ooooohhhh.
SO. I, Elder Ammon Flint, have been called to RETURN to Downtown Toronto!!! Woot woot!! I'm going back to the area I started in!! I'm SUPER PUMPED!!!!!! My new companion will be Elder Staheli. He came out a few months ago (like 6). He's from Utah (the cream of the crop). Elder Delap is also leaving Mississauga. He's going to a town called London (yes in Ontario). So we're "white-washing" out (or they're putting two new Elders into our area). It's gunna be intense!! And I'm SO excited to be going back home to the Christie Ward. I've missed those kids. I hope I stay downtown until after the holidays. It's three trasfers (4 1/2 months), so keep you fingers crossed!! BUT! We of course HAD to have a baptism before they kicked us out of Mississauga. So we did.
Jherouoi Fotine (we found out we've been spelling his name wrong this whole time) was baptized YESTERDAY!!!! It was SO good!! For the baptismal service, I played (the piano) and sang "Glorious" (made famous by David Archuleta) in Spanish. I looked up while I was performing to see Jherouoi crying in his seat. SUCCESS!!! After the baptism, we went to their house and had dinner and said goodbye to them all. I cried. Appropriately. Pictures will follow (not of me crying).
Other than that, this week has been a montage of saying goodbye to lots of people. Sad days. BUT, we ended up going to the Colombia Mia (my favorite Colombian Restaurant). And something really funny happened. So our waitress started speaking with us in Spanish and then she asked us where we were from and I said the United States, and she said yeah, you don't look like Hispanics (this is all in Spanish by the by). I asked her where she was from and she said Cuba. Hmmm...unique. I flashed back to this time I was sitting in the library, emailing my family, and I heard this young woman speaking on the phone in really fast Spanish. At first I wasn't sure if it was Spanish or not. So after I finished emailing, I asked her where she was from and she told me Cuba. Hmmm...unique. Flash forward to the restaurant, and I'm turning to Elder Delap saying "That's the girl that we met in the library a few weeks ago." When the waitress (her name is Lizi) returns I tell her that I met her in the library weeks back. At first she's confused (C'MON! missionaries stick out like sore thumbs, how did you forget??) but then she remembered. It was super fun. We talked with her a little bit more and invited her to the baptism of Jherouoi. She didn't come. BUT! The new Elders coming in will baptize her.
Last Saturday, Elder Delap and I decided to go to this All You Can Eat Korean BBQ Restaurant that we had been eyeing a few weeks back. It was SO GOOD!!! It brought me back to the days when we ate Korean BBQ. TRUNKY!!!! They literally brought out raw meat and we ate it!! AFTER we cooked it on a BBQ/Stove that was IN our table. Gotcha! It was SO cool!! This was all happening while Toronto was getting a HUGE Flash Flood and supposedly a Tornado touched down somewhere also. Crazy stuff. I LOVED the rain though.
This week was an absolutely incredible and I think one thing that has just made it a little better is I've been watching the Bible Videos the church came out with, of Christ. I invite you all to watch those, and watch them again if you already have. They are SO good. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown immensely. I had the great opportunity to bear that testimony at the baptism yesterday and I would like to bear it to all of you. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. He is the Son of God and he is my older brother. "He is the Jehovah of the Olde Testament and the Messiah of the New" (The Living Christ). He is the bread of life and the water of life. He atoned for our sins, pains, sufferings, and afflictions. Through him we can repent, be clean, and start a new life. He lived a perfect life and he loves us perfectly because he has a perfect body. He was the first to rise from the dead with a resurrected body. He established his church on the earth and that church has been restored through modern day prophets. I know this to be true. This is the true church, The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day States. I know it to be true. I love you all and hope that you all have a good week. Chao!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


you're killin' me. What theater is that in?? I'm decently familiar with the ones in Logan. Well, jokes on you. Matilda the Musical is here in Toronto and I got President Shield's permission to go. Ha ha. Not really. I wonder if I could get that though. Hmmmm??? Ay!! And Tomato Street Garlic Bread too?? You WANT me to come home early. Jokes on you, I'm not falling for it. I honestly couldn't even fathom the idea of coming home early. It's unfathomable...or without fathom. It's so surreal to me. #missionislife
Yes, the camera cord works. But no, I don't think it will fix my camera. It's pretty out of whack. The pictures I sent were from Elder Delap's Camera. I'll keep working on mine though. And no, Russell M Ballard hasn't come yet. August 20th. I'll get that tie. ALSO, I was asked to play the piano/organ for that meeting, so I'll be right up there on the stage with him. Cool Beans!! Have fun at Couer d' Alene. That's French No?? Everything's French here in Canada. So annoying. HEY LOGAN!!! WHY DON'T YOU CRAM ONE MORE DATE INTO THIS SUMMER!!!! Or one date at all!! You've blatantly ignored me enough!!!! BUT! Since the school year is coming up, you will be forced to ask girls to dances. HAHA!! And if you don't, everyone (girls and boys alike) will hate you and bully you!! Including Me!! Just kidding (kind of). I love you bro. BUT! My rule for you is that you must go on AT LEAST one date in between dances. AT LEAST ONE!!! That is SO easy!! JUST DO IT!!
I apologize ahead of time for the long letter. This week was quite eventful.
So last Tuesday, we went over to the Black Creek Central Elders' house to sleep over before District Meeting the next day. It was pretty good. And then we had District Meeting. Which was more than pretty good. SO, this was our last District Meeting in Jolly July, so I had everyone bring all their Christmas decorations and apparel and we had a BLAST!! Other than singing Christmas songs and sharing Christmas stories, I planned an activity where we did "role plays" of contacting different Christmas Characters (Santa, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Rudolph, and of course, Buddy the Elf). It was so fun. And then we took some toffee I made and went to carol to the other District. What happened though, was the other District ended their District Meeting WAY early and some of them had already left. Losers. BUT we sang to a few championships in the hallway and afterwards, we took a Jolly July Christmas Picture. Hopefully later today, or next week. I'll have some Jolly July Christmas Cards for all of you!!!
Later that day I went on exchanges with Elder Anthony Martin Leyton Rivera, from Peru. One of my BEST Friends in the mission. We had a super fun day where we got fed a TON by the members. He's such a stellar missionary and I love going throughout the day only speaking Spanish.
Thursday was good. We found two new people to teach. Yay! Also, we made cookies and I wrote a letter of encouragement and we brought them over to Jeroe's house. We luckily caught him just leaving and gave him the cookies and the letter (which he both loved).
Friday, July 29th 2016, was a memorable day. I hit my mid-life crisis. And it was a wonderful one. SO. To start out. In the middle of our studies, we get a phone call from the vehicle coordinator of the mission, who tells us that he has a new shiny car waiting for us in Brampton. FOR REALS!! Our car had gone over 80,000 kilometers, which is when they switch it out and sell the old one. So we took it to Brampton and got ourselves a Rogue Nissan SUV!!!! Her name is Sylvia. I decided that it's my year mark, they want me to start training to be a father. So they gave me a SUV. :) Makes sense. Later that day, we celebrated at an Italian Restaurant we've been wanting to go to called Goodfellas. The food was quite delicious (and expensive). But it was such a classy place and it was cool being able to order in Italian (because it's VERY similar to Spanish), communicate in Italian with our waiter, AND communicate with another Waitress we had who spoke Portuguese (from Brazil). I LOVE CULTURE!!! It's so good here. The rest of the day was average. ;)
Last Saturday we went with a member to an Ice Cream/Waffle place...again. Which is super delicious. While we were there, there was a family sitting behind me speaking Spanish. Before we left I started talking to them and they told me they're from Bogota, Colombia!!! It was super cool. The mother told me I spoke Spanish very well. Oh yeah. We weren't able to get their information, but we gave them a card and they'll probably be baptized sometime soon. ;)
Sunday was of course wonderful. There's this homeless man named Dennis, from Trinidad and Tobago. That came to church for his second time. We started talking with him and he told us that he's never been baptized before, and he wants to be baptized in our church because he feels the Spirit here!!! So Sweet!!! He's a really great guy. We just need to get him off smoking and alcohol. Not a Problem!!
Yesterday, we celebrated Civic Day here in Canada. I have no idea what that is, but we celebrated it. :) We did a lot of service and work for some members, then we taught this Spanish/Colombian family that we've been trying to teach ever since I've been here. They're a Stellar family, the father just has read a lot of Anti stuff, and is really skeptical about people that have been raised their whole lives in the church. That's why we have members!!! Later that day, Jeroe's family (the Fotines) invited us over for a barbecue. It was super good and we had a really good conversation with Jeroe. His dad, who is a member, just blurted out at the dinner table. "Jeroe, when are you going to get baptized?? Stop waiting." It was SO good. It's funny too because he keeps saying, no one's pressuring you, but he totally is. We later talked about listening during your prayers for the Holy Ghost, which is going to help him out a lot, and we committed him to asking if he should be baptized a week from this Saturday. We'll follow up with that and I hope that everything goes well!!
One thing I've been working on lately, just like Jeroe, is listening for the Spirit after my prayers. A few weeks ago, a missionary came to our ward and he said something that I really liked. He said that after every personal prayer he has, he listens for a few minutes, just in case God has something to say to him. I've started doing that lately, and I've found that God has a lot to say to me. At least a lot more than I expected. Those few minutes after you end your prayers are very sacred and I can honestly testify that I know that the Holy Ghost really does testify to your heart and to your mind (D&C 8:2). I challenge you all to listen after you pray, because Heavenly Father has many things he wants to say to you. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Ciao!!

Elder Flint
Canada Toronto Mission