Monday, June 19, 2017

ONE MONTH LEFT!!! Time to get Sushi!!!

ONE MONTH LEFT!!! Time to get Sushi!!!
Don't worry Mom. I'll get Dad to sing with us. I'll guilt trip him into it somehow.
One possible idea for my Homecoming is a Barbecue. Just an idea. Barbecues are dericious. 
I'm down for Sandwiches though. Maybe have a little more variety than just Chicken Salad Sandwiches, because some people don't fancy them too me. :)
You should also tell everyone that there's going to be a Cheesecake Competition, so everyone should bring their best Cheesecake. AND I'LL BE THE JUDGE!!!! YAHOO!!! CHEESECAKE!!!!
Sounds like things are kickin' over there. It all sounds super fun. The Virtual Reality place sounds intense. Just don't let it confuse you with the Actual Reality. 8|
So this week was pretty average. Not too many exciting things. But I'll try to pick the best thing from each day.
Monday, we had dinner with the Acosta family. They a big El Salvadorian family with five kids from like 9-17. They're always super fun and we had salmon and shrimp and 'twas delicious.
Tuesday, we met with Romeo and Carla. We were going to have a very Spiritual Lesson, but Romeo started voicing some deep questions and concerns about the temple (specifically Garments). We did well at explaining it, but it was funny because his wife started rebuking him and saying "Why is is such a big deal?? Almost every church has some sort of Religious Apparel!! Look at where we live!! Everyone wears a Turban or a Hijab!! I don't know why you're freaking out about it!!." It was pretty funny. We gave them the link to the church's video they made about Garments. So hopefully all went well.
Wednesday we had a super fun time doing service at the Food Bank at Knight's Table. There was a lot of new people there we met that day. So it was pretty great. The workers there LOVE us. One time, Elder Babbel jokingly said that he was ugly and they thought he was serious and were like "No Way!!" So now, one of the workers there always calls us "Hubba Hubbas!" It's pretty funny.
Thursday we helped one of our Investigators move to Mississauga. She was super grateful for the help and we were able to get the Mississauga Spanish Elders to help her move into her house down there. So everything worked out super well. And she invited us to a Barbecue in a few weeks. Success!!
Friday we had Missionary Coordination and our Ward Mission Leader was hungry, so he took us out to eat. We went to his place called Popeyes. I don't know if it's in the States, but it a Louisiana Based Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant, so it probably is. It's huge here in Ontario. 'Twas delicious. Later that night we had a Choir Practice for the Spanish Conference that is coming up. Then it rained super hard. It was awesome.
Saturday was a sweet day because we at first had no lesson planned and no dinner with any family, and then we had it all. We gave Daniel (I think I mentioned him last week) a Book of Mormon and read some with him and talked about it. He's SUPER willing to read and learn more. His parents are members, his daughter's a member, and his girlfriend is a dry member. The only reason she's not baptized is because he still needs to get divorced from his previous wife. The missionaries have never really taught or focused on him before, so we're going to do that and convert him, so him and his wife can get baptized. We're super pumped.
Later on Saturday, we were reminded that one of the Young Men in the Ward was having his Mission Farewell and they had invited us to the Barbecue. So we got to stop by there and we had a good time.
After that we met with Hillary and Victor (the Colombians that came to church last Sunday) and she was on fire with the Spirit. She loved church and was going off on everything that she had learned from us and from Victor and from the Joseph Smith Movie (which she had watched) and how the Piano Guys was one of her favorite bands for like five years and she didn't know they were Mormons until a week or so ago. It was super awesome. So we invited her to get baptized and she said she'll work towards it. Then we met with Kevin, who is another young Colombian that basically tried to tell us the Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith. So that was fun. :| 
Sunday, everyone that said they were coming to church didn't come. So that was a bummer. But we got food during Elder's Quorum, because of Father's Day. And I accompanied the Primary for their Father's Day Song in Sacrament Meeting. It was super fun. The rest of Sunday was Lunch, Dinner, and stopping by Investigators.
Also, Elder Babbel and I made a board of all of the missionaries in our Zone and what house they are in. I'll send  you the pictures. The "M" on their forwards stands for Muggle. And the Head Boy and Head Girl of each house are farthest to the left. We got pretty into it yesterday. The things you do as Zone Leaders. 
It's funny how when people try to convince you of how the Book of Mormon or how our church isn't true, it only strengthens my testimony of those things. And of God. So with Kevin, he basically pulled out a bunch of scriptures that Nephi wrote and said "These are all exact quotes from the New Testament, which happened way after Nephi's time, so someone had to have the New Testament when they wrote this book. We basically told him that that's true; either the Book of Mormon was written Joseph Smith who had the New Testament, or it was translated by the power of God. One or the other. Elder Babbel shared with Kevin his testimony and how awesome it is that God is a True God and He is One God and how awesome it is that what he revealed to Prophets in the Bible, he also revealed to prophets in the Book of Mormon. We told him to pray about the Book of Mormon and ask God if it really is from him. Hopefully he does.
Well, I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you in a month. Enjoy the Pictures!!

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