Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Week of Pranks

My Week of Pranks
That's SO funny about their wisdom teeth!!! I wish I could have been there. No more drugs for those two, they obviously can't handle them. Me on the other hand...
Sounds like everyone is keeping pretty busy and having fun. That's great. Here too.
This week has been a week of less miracles and more pranks. But it has still been a great week.
Monday we played ping pong and sports with some other missionaries.
Tuesday, we had interviews with President Shields. I only have two more interviews now. They went well, it was funny because he basically told us everyone who was getting transferred in our zone. Elder Babbel and I are staying, no surprise. Later on Tuesday, I had fun teaching English Classes.
Wednesday, we had a fun District Meeting where we bought and brought Krispy Kreme Donuts. (As far as I know) There are only three Krispy Kremes in Ontario. Two are in Downtown Toronto. And one is really close to our house, in Mississauga. It was Sweet!! Later on Wednesday we did some service.
Thursday we did a ton of service. We helped this sweet Italian/Peruvian Investigator Family move into another house, we planted flowers on Temple Grounds, and we worked in a Food Bank. We were pretty tired at the end of the day.

Prank 1. Thursday night, we get home to find these two notes on our door. So we come into the house PUMPED!!!! Ready to destroy. We follow the instructions, I grab my spray bottle (that I always carry on me), and we first head upstairs. There was a mattress barricade upstairs which we busted through, but nobody was behind it, so we grabbed the mattress and headed to the basement (because we heard the Elder laughing maniacally down there). Right when we get down there everything is dark (except a strobe light flashing) and we hear this HUGE BANG. Then we start getting pelted with water balloons. Elder Babbel had the mattress, so we used it as a shield and charged them. We stole their water balloons and started pelting them with them, then Elder Babbel wrestled Elder Taylor, and put him in a hold while I grabbed my spray bottle, uncapped it, and poured it all over Elder Taylor's face. Our retaliation was a success. Later, while we were cleaning up, Elder Babbel and I found two water balloons that hadn't popped, so we pocketed them, and after we had all changed into dry clothes we threw them at the APs (the other Elders). I drenched Elder Shu and Elder Babbel completely missed Elder Taylor. It was mostly successful. Afterwards, Elder Babbel and I went downstairs to continue cleaning up, and the APs come downstairs smirking so we ask "What??" And Elder Taylor says "The balloon you threw at me never popped." Then he took out the balloon and drenched Elder Babbel with it. Then we got Elder Taylor to lose a couple of bets, so we got to spank him (after my Birthday Spankings, Spanking has been a big thing here in our place). I ended up breaking a Ping-Pong paddle over Elder Taylor's Behind. It was a success.

Friday Morning we met with Romeo and Carla, then they invited us back over for lunch. So we went to District Meeting, then we went back for lunch. It was awesome.

Prank 2. Friday night, the APs got home around 12:30 AM (because they were out late helping President Shields with Transfers). And I hear them come in and tell Elder Babbel that our house and our car got Toilet Papered and EGGED!! I was super tired and too lazy to get up and check. But the next morning, I saw the damage. It was pretty bad. I honestly have NO respect for ANYONE that Eggs someone's house. It is disgusting, disrespectful, destructive, immature, and all around mean. We spent a good portion of Saturday Pressure Washing the Egg off of our Driveway and House. We did find out who it was, and things happened. All in all, it was very disappointing. But fun!! :)

Saturday, I taught English Class again. Then I played the piano for about an hour for a Relief Society Activity (it was worth it because we got fed...and service :).
Sunday, none of our Investigators came to church :(. But, I got to play the Organ for Sacrament, which was fun.
And now, the Prank of all pranks. Last night, Elder Babbel and I decided to get back for the Water Balloon incident. So on Transfer Sundays the APs are out really late, because they call everyone to tell them where they are going, and then they do some things with President. The tradition is, is that when the APs come home, the Zone Leaders are hiding from them, and the APs have to find them. So we got them SUPER pumped to come and find us, but this is what actually happened: We bought about 800 yards of white yarn and we basically made a HUGE spider web scene in our basement. We then filled up three HUGE water balloons and put one on the ground in the Spider Web and one IN the Spider Web and one in our fort (which was on the other side of the basement behind the Web). We killed the breaker in the house (to turn off all the lights) and put on the strobe light. They come in around 11:30 PM ready to find us. Eventually they come downstairs and are SUPER confused. Especially when we start throwing mini frozen pickles at them, from on the other side of the Spider Web. They were EXTREMELY confused at that point!! It was so funny. So they run upstairs, grab a huge knife and start hacking at the web to get to us. Somehow, they did not see the HUGE water balloon entangled in the web. Watching and listening to that balloon fall and drench them with water was one of the greatest experiences of my life. At that point, they were freaking out. So I threw the other HUGE water balloon at them and drenched them some more. Eventually, they got through the web, so we started hitting them with pillows and wrestling them and of course, we continued throwing pickles at them (we had about 100 mini frozen pickles). Elder Babbel once again got Elder Taylor in a hold, so I got my water bottle and dumped all the water on his head...again. I then grabbed a pickle and tried to stuff it in Elder Taylor's mouth. I then turned the breaker back on and we cleaned up the wreckage. It was probably the best prank/attack in the history of ever. So that was the highlight of my week.
This email is pretty long, so I'll share a short thought. And that really is just to go out and Live Life!!! Life is too short to let pass you by. Go out and make some memories. I promise you that you'll never regret it. Unless it's something illegal and you get thrown into jail (like egging people :). I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!

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