Friday, June 30, 2017

21 CLUB!!!

21 CLUB!!!
That's an inside joke with some of the missionaries. But it applies well to how much time I have left.
So in American Culture, a Barbecue is hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe some chicken and pork.
In Latin Culture, Barbecue means steak, ribs, maybe some chicken and pork.
I honestly would absolutely love either one. Obviously the first one's a little cheaper. But, do with that what you will.
Side Dishes for Barbecues?? The norm. Potato Salad, normal Salad, chips, Canada Dry (everyone here drinks Canada Dry).
It's good to hear everyone's keeping busy over there. This week has been super crazy packed:
Monday, we played lots of soccer. It was a lot of fun. We later had dinner with a sweet Colombian family whom we love.
Tuesday, we did service at Knight's Table. One of the volunteers there asked us why we were speaking Spanish (because Elder Babbel and I speak Spanish when we want to speak secretly) and we explained to him what we do, why we're out here, and about the church. He really wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, so we brought him one in English and Urdu (because he's from Pakistan). He was super surprised we had one in Urdu, but he told us that his English is better than his Urdu, so he took the English one. It was super cool. Later on Tuesday we had a great dinner with an El Salvadorian family, and we helped with English Classes. A bunch of missionaries came over that night, because we had Zone Conference the next last Zone Conference.
So to start off Zone Conference, a bunch of the missionaries got together early in the morning and played some Basketball, it was really fun. The Conference was really great; I got to play the piano, lead the missionaries in a few musical numbers, act in a skit that the APs put on, and give my dying testimony. It was pretty funny. During my testimony, I said that I can't lie and that I'm super pumped to go home. Everyone kind of chuckled and I was like "I mean, 28 days and counting." It was silent for a split second and then everyone started laughing pretty hard. I guess no one was expecting me to say that. Of a truth, I am really excited to go home, but I'm also very excited to finish the work here that I have to do. Later that day we had a great dinner with the Chatters, one of our favorite families.
Thursday we taught some people and did a lot of service at the Temple and at Knight's Table. It was one of our investigator's Birthdays that night, so I told her I'd make her a cake. The cake was quite awful, but I made it and it's the thought that counts right?? Well, we celebrated with her and then talked with her a lot about temples. She loves the church and will most likely get baptized. Just not while I'm here. :'(
Friday was a day of little remembrance.
Saturday we helped out with English Classes. Most of Saturday was spent doing MCCs. Which is Elder Babbel and I sitting in front of computers, calling missionaries, and punching in numbers for like 6 hours. It was great!! :|
Sunday, we had a Multi-Stake Spanish Conference. It was super cool. Hispanics from all across Ontario came. I got to see a lot of people there that I haven't seen in...two years! It was crazy. I played the organ for it, and accompanied the choir. There were a few little blips, but all turned out great. I was so exhausted during the meeting, that I fell asleep for the last speaker and when everyone said Amen, it woke me up and I instantly jumped on the Organ to play the last song. The Conductor looked at me and was like "Elder Flint, are you alright??" and I was like "Oh yeah! Let's do this song!" So we rocked it and all turned out great.
Later on Sunday, there was a Latin Festival going on in Downtown Brampton, so us, Bishop, a senior missionary couple, and a couple of members all went Downtown and passed out Fliers for our English Class. It was going well for about an hour, and then the Security there told us we weren't allowed to pass out fliers there. So we stopped. Elder Babbel and I stayed there and talked with some people about the Gospel. We met a bunch of sweet people that us and other missionaries will hopefully teach this week. It was super cool, so as we were walking to our car, we stopped and talked with this couple with a newborn and they were super nice and sweet. While we were talking with them, three young adults passed us by. The couple was already religious, so we gave them a couple of cards and started walking to our car again. The three adults that passed us were walking the same direction, in front of us, but super slow. They were basically lingering. So I asked them how they were doing and they all turned around and were like "We were hoping you would talk to us." At first we were super skeptical, thinking they were Jehovah's Witness and they just wanted to bash with us. But they ended up being just very spiritual and they said they loved to pray for people. They had seen us talking to people at the Latin Fest, so they followed us because they wanted to know what we did. They asked us a bunch of questions about our church and they were super willing to learn. One, maybe two, were Hispanic, so hopefully we'll be able to meet up with them this week. They were super awesome!!
This week, I've been reading about the Atonement, Trial, and Death of Jesus Christ in the book Jesus the Christ. It has amazed me how patient and humble Jesus was throughout all that. He had such patience and such charity for everyone. This last week, we had this guy try to bash with us really hard and let me tell you, it's SUPER hard to have patience and love for someone when they're yelling at you and telling you that you're wrong. So I'm just super amazed and inspired by how loving and patient Jesus was. I'm trying to be like Him each and every day. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy life. Chao!!

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